Project Zomboid – The Best Way to Level Mechanics

How to Level Mechanics Tips

Step 1: Look all the Mechanics books (the magazines too if you are not a mechanic). You’ll also want a Wrench, Lug Wrench, Tire Pump, Jack, and Screwdriver. A toolbox too if you want to store all the tools in a convenient container

Step 2: Visit the VHS stores and find Carzone 1, 2, and 3

Step 3: Read the books and watch the VHS tapes to get more Mechanics skill in your downtime

Step 4: While driving back to your base on loot runs tow an OK car you’ll never use back to your base. You’ll want a good number of cars in your front yard

Step 5: On your free days what you’ll do is remove every part you can on the cars and putting them back on. There’s a hidden timer that makes it so you can only get XP from removing/installing once per part per car

Aka you can’t just spam XP via removing and installing a car battery 20 times on one car. However, if you have 20 cars with 20 batteries and remove and install them once you can get XP from each car. If you Uninstall a part before the 24 hour clock is up then the timer resets. This is why you want a junkyard at your base

Step 6: Profit!

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