PUBG: New State – Drone Store Guide

In this quick tutorial, we will show you some useful information about the drone store.

Drone Store

Available ItemsPrice (Drone Credit)
Red Flare Gun2100
Green Flare Gun1200
Custom Kit (ALL)500
Search Drone550
Deployable Shield375
Med Kit625
Bandage (4)200
Adrenaline Syringe550
Energy Drink250
Gas Can150
EV Battery175
Red Flare Gun Ammo (1)1950
Green Flare Gun Ammo (1)1050
5.56mm Ammo (29)100
7.62mm Ammo (29)100
9mm Ammo (29)100
.45ACP Ammo (29)100
12Gauge Ammo (29)100

The Drone Store is a shop that allows you to buy items using Drone Credits you find in the world.

  1. Drone Store Button: The store window can be opened by tapping the Drone Store button in the game. At the bottom, you’ll see your credit balance.
  2. My Cart: The item you choose in the Store is automatically added to your Cart. By tapping ORDER, you can complete your purchase.
  3. Call Drone: Within a certain radius of your character, you can mark where to call the Drone. Alternatively, you can use the PLACE HERE button to direct it to your location.
  4. Process of Item Delivery: Drones deliver packages in a box that they transport. Delivery of the item – It takes time for the item to arrive. You can find it once it’s been delivered by looking for the ping marker on the map.
  5. You can shoot down drones by inflicting a certain amount of damage on them. Any player can loot items delivered by a Drone.

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