PUBG: New State – Team Deathmatch Guide

What Is Team Deathmatch (TDM)?

TDM pits two teams of 4 against each other in intense rounds of Team Deathmatch in the new map “Station”, an abandoned subway station.

The first team to rack up 40 kills or have the most kills within the 10-minute mark wins the round. The team that wins 2 out of the 3 rounds will be declared the victors!

Rules and Special Items

Killing an enemy automatically restores 20% of your health.

There are also special TDM-exclusive recovery items that help you heal more quickly and get back into the action!

Battle Summary

You can access the Battle Summary window by tapping the score at the top of the screen.

Here you can view the number of kills, assists, deaths, and K/D ratios.

See who scored more kills and keep your eye on the star player of the enemy team!


Use the Preset System to easily prepare for TDM with your own customized weapon set!

You can access the Preset System by navigating to [Map Select] > [Team Deathmatch] > [Gun Preset]

Preset Settings

  • Weapons: Select two weapons and their attachments
  • Throwables: Select either Frag Grenades or Stun Grenades

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