Ready or Not – Hidden Room Location (Hotel Map)

On the Hotel Map, there is a hidden Room, and in this guide, I’ll teach you how to find it. To execute this without being disturbed, I propose clearing the map or at least the first floor. I’ll simply teach you how to get there; I’m not going to show you how to clean the rooms.

Where to Find Secret Room

All credit goes to Longliness!

Where to Begin / Where to Begin

If you’re having problems finding the room with this guide, I’ve included a link to YouTube for those who prefer to see things visually. Because all of the photographs are taken from the same video, it acts as a guide.

YouTube Video

Video and pictures are recorded and taken by me. Everything else like the game, visual styles etc belong to Void Interactive.

Finding the Way

Step one

At the mission select screen you chose the wenderly hills hotel mission.

Step two

The barricaded suspects mission works the best imo(in my opinion).

Step three

From the mission entry room go straight.

Step four

Make you way through the hallway till the end.

Step five

Now you should be in the room shown below, turn right here.

Step six

Turn in the room left before you reach the stairs.

Step seven

Turn right here, you should see a second hallway when entering.

Step eight

In said hallway chose the first door on the left.

Step nine

We need to go to he closet on the opposite side of the room.

Step ten

Go in the closet.

What Do We Have Here

From here you can look inside the coming rooms and give your team shoutouts, take a nap on this beautiful clean bed or watch the framed pictures on the wall.

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