Ready or Not – SMAA Anti Aliasing Mod

SMAA Anti Aliasing

Disable built-in by navigating to:

  • C:\Users\[Your User Name]\AppData\Local\ReadyOrNot\Saved\ Config\WindowsNoEditor

Open engine.ini and create a section called ‘[system]’ at very bottom.

Paste these lines under/inside it:

  • sg.AntiAliasingQuality=0
  • r.PostProcessAAQuality=0

It’ll look like:

  • [SystemSettings]
  • sg.AntiAliasingQuality=0
  • r.PostProcessAAQuality=0

There is a setting for motion blur, but in case you can’t disable depth of field.

  • r.DepthOfFieldQuality=0

Insert under [systemsettings]

You may also have to set ‘sg.AntiAliasingQuality=0’ inside of gameusersystemsettings.ini. Under ‘scalability’.

My mod injects SMAA variant of edge smoothing + a slight sharpen shader to offset blurring. The end result is a clearer picture that matches what the game would look like without TAA or FXAA enabled, because these are default UE4 implementations which aren’t good looking at all.

Also a chromatic aberration filter because I really like color fringe. you can disable that.

Extract contents to:

  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Ready Or Not\ReadyOrNot\Binaries\Win64

I make tweak guides for many UE4 games, but holding off until release and just putting out this simple mod in meantime.

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