Risk of Rain Returns – General Tips for Higher Difficulties

Higher Difficulties Tips

Jump a lot for Rainstorm, being airborn makes you much less likely to be hit by most enemies, try and bunch them up as well so they’ll be more prone to any aoe you have, if jumping doesnt work out back up and try and keep enemies chasing you back and forth or find more defensive items, shield generator and unstable watch are particularly good

For bosses and big enemies I like to get in close to most of them and kinda jump in an infinity symbol which is a good way to avoid damage if you’re bold enough to get in and very effective if you’re playing melee

Also on the topic of merc try out his new alternate secondary if you don’t have it, it’s a very strong parry thats easy to use and lets you get away with a lot of stuff and do plenty of damage, you can even parry fall damage, merc works really well with the jumping around strat given all the invulnerability downtime he has

For speed tips idk honestly, my early runs tend to vary with how many items I have before first tp, it all depends on map layout I’d say but I try to get to the teleporter early then clean up more of the map while it charges

Written by Frisky

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