Type Soul – Beginners Guide (Useful Tips + Codes)

Comprehensive Guide for New Players

As a big fan of Bleach and action RPGs, I loved this Roblox game. Unlike other games, the real fun begins after you die. Type Soul codes help you level up in the afterlife. You can be a Soul Reaper, a Hollow, or a Quincy in the game. Choose what you want to be!


The controls of any new game might be a little tricky to figure out at first. We’ve created a list that includes all of the controls in the Type Soul because of this.

  • Left Alt – Shift Lock.
  • Ctrl + K – Monster Transformations (Mask rip).
  • J – Reaper Weapon.
  • Ctrl + J – Reaper / Monster Transformation.
  • Q – Dash.
  • Z X C – Reaper Skills / Partial Moveset.
  • T G – Reaper / Monster / Volt Moveset.
  • R – Critical.
  • N – Inventory / Skills.
  • M – Meditate.
  • P – Purify Lost Soul.
  • B – Grip / Eat if Monster.
  • V – Carry.
  • Comma – Toggle Map Markers.

How to Choose Soul Reaper

  • Wide variety of both Shikais and weapons to go along with them that work well with any skill tree.
  • Powerful Kido tree with high damage long startup moves, and an iframe move that helps start combos.
  • Unique Hakuda tree using the buff “Shunko” in exchange for Spine Rend.
  • Unique progression using Division XP and Shikai XP.
  • Obtainment of Grade 2 mode and Stage 3 mode are both boss fights.


To start progressing, make a party with the button on the left of the screen and then find a mission board to queue for missions. Make sure to learn flashstep in the speed skill tree for 0 skillpoints as well as soul style in the kido tree.


After you rank up from Trainee to Grade 5, you will be able to equip the Senkaimon tool in your inventory to travel to the Soul Society.

Afterwards, by using the [,] key, you may locate division markers on the map and select a division to join by interacting with the corresponding captain NPC.

  • From Trainee – Grade 3: The only type of EXP you need is missions for these ranks.
  • From Grade 3 – Grade 2: You have to get division EXP and mission EXP.
  • From Grade 2 – Semi Grade 1: Starting at Grade 2, you need to start getting Shikai EXP which can be found by speaking to your Shikai spirit in your inner world, while also getting division and mission EXP. You cannot rank past grade 2 without beating your shikai first.
  • From Semi Grade 1 – Elite Grade: For these ranks, you need grip EXP, shikai EXP, mission EXP, and division EXP.


When you reach Grade 2, you can get your Shikai. To start, you need to meditate three times for about 5 to 7 minutes each. After each session, your character will automatically stand up. Once you’ve done all three meditations, the fourth one should take you to the Shikai fight. If it doesn’t work and you don’t enter your inner world, just die to a player or NPC, then meditate to get your reiatsu back. When you hear your spirit whispering, stand up and meditate again. That should do the trick. After winning the fight, press J while holding your sword to use your Shikai. If you lose, you can try again after 10 minutes. You can also reset the cooldown by defeating a player or an Arrancar NPC. Each one you beat takes an hour off the wait time.

Advanced Shunko

To get Advanced Shunko, also known as Mukyu Shunko, you need to be an Elite Grade Soul Reaper. You also need to have 3 Hogyoku Fragments. Once you have both of those things, you can upgrade your regular Shunko to the advanced version. It’s a more powerful form of Shunko that Elite Soul Reapers can use.

To get Advanced Shunko, go to the Division 6 NPC in the Soul Society. Make sure you have 3 Hogyoku Fragments with you. Talk to the Captain and accept the race he offers. To win, you need to defeat 4 Arrancar NPCs before the Captain does. You can make it easier by hitting or defeating the Captain first, which might make him freeze. Once you beat the 4 Arrancar, you’ll get Advanced Shunko. There are three different types of Advanced Shunko you can choose from: Wind Shunko, Fire Shunko, and Ice Shunko. You can see what each one looks like in the Hakuda card under the Skill Trees section.


Vizard is a way for Soul Reapers to use Hollow powers for a short time. When you use your Vizard mask, you get one of these five buffs:

  • Health regeneration
  • Reiatsu regeneration
  • Increased speed
  • Damage boost
  • Defense boost

To get Vizard, you need to be Elite Grade and have 10 fragments. Go to Hueco Mundo and find your Vizard NPC, then defeat it. To master Vizard, rejoin the game and check your whispers. Each one tells you to do a different quest:

  1. Win 3 Karakura Town or Hueco Mundo raids while wearing your mask.
  2. Defeat 20 Soul Reapers of any grade while wearing your mask.
  3. Defeat the NPC in your Shikai world 15 times.

Until you master Vizard, you’ll have a debuff that’s the opposite of your buff. Remember, you need normal Vizard before you can use a True Hogyoku. Vizard also gives you the Visored Cero skill.


“Your blood, your flesh, your sword, your soul, your very bones….it was so i could crush it to dust. Bankai. Zanka no Tachi.”

Stage 1:

Win 13 raids, Karakura Town raids do not count.. Clan wars wins count as 2 raid wins, ranked wins count as 0.5. Progress can be checked at “V – Unequalled, Unrivalled” at the grey barn in KT.

Stage 2:

Fulfill all of these requirements without dying. If you die, you must restart stage 2:

  • 80 Hollow NPC kills (mission hollows count)
  • 15 Elite Grade grips (opposite factions only)
  • 1 Bawabawa kill (Hueco Mundo snake boss)

You can check progress via talking to your spirit inside of your innerworld (may take a couple attempts to get the info out of it)

Stage 2.5:

Talk to Kisuke in the garden in KT, and begin the trial to find your real sword. In this trial, you must find three correct swords. Getting one wrong will spawn floating lines pointing you towards one of the correct ones. You have 3 chances, and failing puts the trial on a one hour cooldown, which can be reset by gripping a player of an opposing faction.

Stage 3:

The final trial. After finding the swords, meditate and talk to your Shikai. There will be a short dialogue before the boss battle, in which you must fight and defeat your Bankai to obtain it for yourself. After defeating the boss, he will stand still and pose with your current weapon. Click on him to trigger a cutscene, and obtain your Bankai. Failing puts this on cooldown, which can be reset by either waiting an hour or gripping one player from an opposing faction.

What Are Essences and How to Use Them

All essences drop from Clan Wars and Ranked 2v2s, the only exceptions are Speed and Kendo which can drop from Bong Bong (Exchange Npc). Essences don’t drop on death. Requires at least 40 into that tree to use that essence. Essences will be removed upon blue pilling.

Black Flash


Manifest the sparks of black, applying your energy within one millionth of a second of a physical strike to amplify ones attack power to its max.


  • You must be at U rank in your soul style meter to use black flash, there is no timing required. (Soulstyle rank gained by landing m1s)
  • It has no cooldown but if you use it too many times in a short span it will go on cooldown
  • Has a massive pull range that makes it easy to confirm
  • Applies anti-heal for a short period of time upon landing
  • Has hyperarmor but still gets broken by spine rend.

Horizon Core

Flashing Lights

Quickly lunge forward, leaving blue sparks behind you. Landing it after proccing the true pierce passive (applied by landing vertical down or split gate) will initiate a short cutscene. Failing to mark them with the true pierce before landing the horizon core will ragdoll them for a short amount of time and do substantially less damage. However, you can use vert or split gate directly after to initiate a true pierce without having to do vertical down/split gate. You can also initiate two true pierces in one combo by doing vertical down and split gate beforehand, then using Horizon Essence.

  • Req: 40 Kendo

Unseen Blade

The unseen blade is the deadliest

The unseen blade is a strong move. You start by doing a flashstep, then quickly slice upward. This launches your opponent into the air. After that, you attack them with a bunch of fast slashes. You can also use this ability to dodge attacks. If you have Visored, it makes the unseen blade look cooler and hit harder.

Crazed Blitz

Laugh and go crazy!

When you use this move, a blue mark appears. Then you do a grab that has hyper armor. The grab hits your opponent a bunch of times and knocks them back. This move goes through block, parry, dodge, counters, unseen blade, and lots of other ways to avoid damage.

Territorial Mark

Dont dodge my 1v1s

Mark your opponent (or ally) then put them into a state where they can’t be hit by anyone but you, and only you can be hit by them. Lasts for 20-25 second, has an extremely long cooldown.

(The link color is based on your eyes color).

  • Arrancar Exclusive!

Bala Fireworks

Let’s light up the sky!

Bala Fireworks releases multiple Bala projectile in 360 AOE, each Bala doing its individual damage which means the closer you are the more damage you take.

Partial Essence

Who thought this was a good idea.

Unlocks all three of your partial skills, letting you reach your max potential.

Fusion Essence

Fusionnnn Dance.

Fusion Core M1 lets you fuse with the closest Arrancar to you. This gives you a damage buff. When you’re fused, you get all 3 True Vastocar variants. It doesn’t matter what race the other person is. Halfway through the fusion, the white aura goes away. That’s when the other person can use their own moves and gets control of the body. Right now, you can fuse with anyone in your party. You and the person you fuse with share HP. If you fuse with someone who’s not an Arrancar, you might lose 2 of the variants when it’s their turn in the fusion.

Fusion Core M2: Sacrifice 30% of your hp, in return, you get a damage buff and a random True Vasto variants. However, this doesn’t put you into combat, so you can just regen that 30% hp back in no time.

  • Soul Reaper Exclusive

Gran Raikoho


A close range blast of Reiatsu that knocks back and stuns for a second. Damage scales with amount of people hit. Does half a bar if one person is hit, a bar to all if two people are hit, and a bar and a half to all if three people are hit.

Note: Damage scales with amount of people hit. Does half a bar if one person is hit, a bar to all if two people are hit, and a bar and a half to all if three people are hit.


The power of the sun, in the palm of my hands.

Pre-aim at the floor with a target, then strike down with a beam of reiatsu. Lasts 5 seconds, has global cd.

  • Quincy Exclusive!

Obtain the weapons below through a Hollow Box. Hollow Boxes can be obtained through raids or either from KT shops (they cost 40K Kan).

Shattered Comet

Oh hell nah who gave quincies another buff.

Throw an arrow into a sky, then shatter it into a barrage of reiatsu shards, exploding upon contact with the floor.

Useful Tips & Tricks

Here are some helpful tips to guide you on your first Type Soul game journey. I’m hoping these will come in handy for you!

User Interface Icons

Click to enlarge…

Why can’t I teleport back to Rukon?

You must first be Grade 3 and join Division 3. After you have satisfied those requirements, you now press the “Division Duties” Board located at Division 3’s spawn to teleport back to Rukon.

When can I start obtaining Shikai?

You can start at Grade 2

Is VOLLSTANDIG obtainable?

Yes, it is.

Why is my HP/REIATSU capped?

Because you combat logged, to get your hp/reiatsu back for arrancars/quincy you need to kill hollows, for soul reapers you meditate to get your reiatsu back.

How do I get past MENOS?

For the menos stage, you have to keep killing hollows, each type of hollow gives different amount of exp.

Where is the QUINCY gate?

The quincy gate is located at the park zone past the bridge, it’s a tunnel with snow coming out from beneath, portal opens at xx:10 – xx:20 and xx:40 – xx:50.

If I die do I lose progression/exp?

No, you don’t lose anything until you reach semi grade 1/special grade.

How do I get skill point reset(spr)?

There’s an item called “Blue Pill” that allows you to reset your skill points, it appears in KT shop for 150k kan after your faction wins a KT raid, or as a rare drop from KT/Faction raids.

Why can’t I rank up?

You might be on rank cooldown, wait a bit and see if it shows up as xx/xx, if not, just keep doing missions until you do.

Is vizard obtainable?

Yes you can currently obtain vizard

How do I wipe?

In order to wipe you have to obtain a soul ticket. Soul tickets are only obtainable as a raid drop from Karakura Town and killing bosses such as bawabawa, jidanbo.

How do I obtain Bankai?

It has hidden reqs, you will know when you get to it there will be no hints coming from any side.

Oh no! I died as a Shinigami how do I restore my reiatsu?

You need to go back to soul society and meditate your reiatsu.

Oh no! I died as an Arrancar and I lost Health how do I restore my health back?

You need to kill hollows to get your health restored.

Oh no! I died as a quincy and I lost Health/Reiatsu how do I restore them back?

You need to kill hollows or players to get them restored.

I’ve seen different weapons with arrancars and quincy’s but I have the default one how can I change that?

Arrancars can change their playstyle using a weapon box, a hollow box. Quincies can change their playstyle by using a weapon box, a spirit box.

how can I check my exp? and isn’t trading a thing in this game?

You can check your exp in karakura town alongside the trading option you access them by talking to Bambietta for Exp and Rin for Trading.

How do I get a skillbox?

It’s a raid reward.

Why is quincy gate broken!!!

It has never been broken. Quincy gate opens at certain times for 10 minutes the times are 10 to 20 and 40 to 50.

Divisions? Division missions? Whats that?

Div missions are a needed requirement to rank up as a sr once you get to grade 3

What division matters the most!

There’s 13 divisons that you can pick that will suit whatever build or things you like.

Wind arc (C) move doesn’t work

Wind moves all apply bleed after being used, Wind Prison only applies after u slam down (second half you can press X again to throw them in mouse direction). While the enemy has a bleed proc you can use the wind arc move for a free stun, it is blockable though.

How do I get frags and skill boxes?

It’s a rare drop from raids. They aren’t sold at KT shop like accessories and other items. Strictly obtainable from FACTION raids. (U wont get them from KTS).

Why can’t I use my Skillbox?

In order to use a skillbox you need to invest in all your SP first. (If you want a Kendo skillbox move you need a minimum of 25 SP in kendo, same with speed etc).

Will using a blue pill (stat point reset) remove my skillbox?

Yes it will as stated on the description of your blue pill. Come up with a suitable build first before popping any skillboxes.

Where is my last 5 Skill points when reaching Elite Grade?

You do not gain any as you were given 10 SP somewhere around Grade 1 instead.

Why can’t I use my third partial?

You can only use all 3 moves in your full res Mode. You will need a partial essence if you want to use all 3 in your base.

Does using a Blue Pill remove my essence?

Yes, it does.

I still see whispers and I killed my vizard NPC, am I bugged?

No you’re not bugged. You still have to master your vizard.

How many frags do I need for Vasto Lorde & Gran Rey Cero?

You need exactly 7 frags for Vasto & 9 frags for Gran Rey.

Why do I lose the weapon I had when I was an adjuchar?

Popping 7 Hogyoku Fragments to get Vastocar automatically rolls off your old weapon and grants you a new one. (Preferably to roll for weapons after becoming a Vastocar).

Gameplay FAQ


When can I start obtaining Shikai?

You can start at Grade 2.

How do I obtain shikai?

You meditate 3 times for 30 mins each then you get sent to inner world to fight your shikai spirit.

I meditated for 30 mins and I didn’t get anything what happened!

You need to meditate at full reiatsu.

My Reiatsu is fine and I meditated 3 times but I did not get teleported? Help!

If you can’t get into spirit world after third med. Lose some reiatsu (As in die or reset yourself to lose reiatsu) and then whenever you recover it. the next time you mediate it will tp you into the spirit world.

Oh no! I lost to my shikai spirit what happens now?

You get sent to a cd where you can’t fight your spirit for 6 hours, however 3 or more opposing faction grips resets ur cd.

I just spent points on hakuda and my shikai is gone! What do I do?

You didn’t lose your shikai it’s still there but you get a shikai hakuda weapon instead of your shikai weapon when you switch off hakuda you will get your shikai back.


Isn’t there bosses in game? how do I get them and what are they?

There’s a boss for both hueco and soul society.

What’s the hueco boss? What does it drop?

Hueco boss is bawabawa, it’s a long hollow snake that can drop multiple items one of them is a hierro plating which you need to upgrade ur hierro tier, a hollow essence that can be used to re roll both your partial res and your res (M1 re-rolls your partial, M2 re-rolls your res), and there’s accessories that increase your health and defense.

What’s SS boss? What does it drop?

  • SS boss is Jidanbo, the gatekeeper of the White Road Gate.
  • He drops good accessories kan and soul ticket which can be used as a wipe option.

Karakura Town (Events / Shop)

I just got teleported out of no where? What happened!

At XX:00 every faction in KT will get teleported to an automated raid where you fight over an objective.

Our faction won! what happens now?

You’ll be able to make deals with the KT Shop npc every faction has it’s unique shop. (E.G you can buy accessories, hollow boxes, spirit boxes.)

You’ll get raid exp as a reward and kan as well, alongside some accessories.

Partial Res

What is partial res? How to get it?

It’s the shikai equivalent for arrancar, it gives you a weakend randomized move from your res toolbar.

How do I Obtain my partial res?

You need to be rank 2 and you need to find your partial NPC who spawns in certain places in hueco, then you need to look for your partial object (thunder bolt, wolf, etc.), then carry it to the void and complete the obby

I failed the obby for my partial what do I do now?

You will be on a cd for the parkour but you can bypass it by getting 3 grips or more then you talk to the hogyoku fragment and find ur item once again.

Note: The cd is 3 hours.


How do I become an Arrancar?

You need to take your chains when you’re a lost soul by clicking ctrl + K

I’m a hollow how do I evolve?

You need to kill and eat other hollows this could go from friskers all the way to bawa.

I’m a Menos how do I evolve and can I take off my mask?

  • You can take off your mask as a menos and become a menoscar but you will not be as strong as an adjucar.
  • You kill hollows and menos for Evolution I recommend going to menos forest for higher chances of finding other menos.

I’m an adjucha what to do now?

You can take off your mask by clicking ctrl + k and you’ll become an arrancar.

Vastocar / VastoLorde

  • Players 100% drop a mask if they have at least 1 mask.
  • NPCs also drop masks at a chance.
  • Failing the Vasto Lorde quest on the final stage will permanently remove your potential of obtaining Vastocar.
  • Obtaining Vastocar as an Arrancar is possible with the untraditional method, but this is disabled IF you failed the Vasto Lorde quest.

Combat logging removes all masks.

How I become a Vastocar after ripping my mask off!

Get five fragments, equip it from your inventory when you have all five then click and you will become vasto. Same with vizard but vizard will require u to progress it.

All Active Codes

Here are all the current / active codes for the Type Soul game:

  • somethingrandom (New)
  • canyouwrap (New)
  • mobileflashpd (New)
  • johnboomingg (New)
  • phase1
  • myhopewillneverdie
  • johnbooming
  • gulliblelol
  • threatneutralized
  • robloxban
  • lightsegunda
  • 100mlikes
  • afkworld
  • robotcowoe
  • soulianstreak
  • pleasegivemererollscodesimliterallystarvingoverhereimstuckwithacid
  • ididntgetopenedupiliterallyjustgottiredofblocking
  • icanimaginesomeonesayingimnexttoatree
  • canyourecmeintodemonhunter
  • sorryfortheinconvenienceee
  • kamehamehax3
  • khaoticyachty
  • luisvonmarco
  • balancedbalance
  • supasta
  • nuovaprimadon
  • johnbooming
  • cowoe10k
  • eduardobrg10k
  • khaotic10k
  • nuova10k
  • delayedwhoops
  • bloodedged
  • ohwowcool
  • nuovalovesquincy
  • spiritgun
  • happyeaster
  • doomatearoom
  • mainmenufixes
  • tradehub
  • happyhalloween
  • newclanwargame

How to Redeem Codes

To use the gift codes in the Type Soul, you need to follow these simple steps:

  • Click the Gift icon at the top-left.
  • Type your code in the pop-up box.
  • Press Enter to get your free stuff!

Thank you for your time and I trust you found this little guide useful.

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