SCUM – Tips for Getting Into Bunkers

How to Get Into the Bunkers


If you’re standing at the gate go left. There’s a hole in the fence next to the half-round that you can get in through (when the mech isn’t facing your way) then head to the left end of the hut (near the concrete wall). Wait behind the corner for the mech to approach and when it turns and walks toward the door follow it (at a walking pace) making a left up the hill just past where the concrete wall stops. (You can jog a bit here once he’s far enough ahead of you.) Once he turns away from the door and starts walking down hill head inside.

You can also lure him around the same half-round from the other end (nearer the gate) and once he’s on the opposite side (between the half-round and the fence) sprint to the door.

A well placed flare at the end of his walk away from the door (thrown from the far end of the other half-round farther from the gate) can keep him distracted long enough to go around the other side and in.

In any case it helps to clear any wandering puppets first.

If you come out this way: Wait until he starts walking away from the door and head out at a jog going toward the left around the other half-round. You can listen for him to approach and look side to side before opening the door.

General Tips

  • Stay out of their vision as much as possible (Picture a half sphere “not a cone” attached to their nose about 100 yard in diameter).
  • They can hear you if you’re loud enough. The slower you move the closer you can be before they notice.
  • Know their pattern. Not just the path, but also the timing.

The rear hatch is much the same, except there you have more bushes to hide in. Know the path here as well, as the mech walks through some of the bushes.

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