SCUM – Gameplay Tips

Well after I have reached more than 100 hours on the game I collected some tips for you.
Make your character! Survival tips! Fame points tips! Good looting areas! Tactics!
And another tips that could help you!

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Make Your Character

So first I think you should buy the DLC of the game plus $10 is a very nice thing that you get from your skins for your clothes and a unique point in color as is only available to those who bought this version.

In addition, you get something else called “Mystery prison pocket item.” What do you mean? That every time your player does poop he will get something random. This could be a food / weapon / lighter cartridge for weapons I did not get.

When you choose your character you can control the skills the skin color the size and the shape of your character.

Appearance: I usually prefer that my character be strong and muscular with a tattoo in order to create a threatening appearance, I also choose a dark skin color to better hide in shaded forearms.

SCUM - Gameplay Tips

Skills: In my opinion, the most important skills are that your character be as fast and strong as possible,
I attach a picture of the skills I usually give to my character.

The reason I do not give my character the skills of boxing is because the first thing I do when I “frash spawn” is to create a stone knife and wooden speer that are considered melee weapons so I improve the skills of the melee weapons to “advance skills”.

The reason I give the rifle “medium” skills is because you’re playing a big part of your game when you grab a rifle.
And a pistol in my opinion is always important to have in your bag.

I also give the skills of camouflage medium level because in my opinion most of the game you spend running in the forest and so will not see you when you are stuck in a bush (this skill helped me a lot, recommend!).

SCUM - Gameplay Tips
SCUM - Gameplay Tips

Survival Tips

So that’s how you survive!

When you do spawn first thing you have to open the map and understand where you are. And next to where you are, for example, if you are near a city or near a military base, for example, and what is your position on the map if you are in the middle or on the sides of the map, then prepare to prepare a stone knife and immediately prepare a speer if you are near a city, Clothes, bag and things that can help you survive, if you do not find a bag I can find you to prepare the Small Improvised Backpack that gives you up to 10kg and allows you 16 inventory space.

To prepare him all you have to do is kill a zombie and prepare from his rags and bone needle.

  • To prepare the bag you need 5 rags.
  • 2 ropes that you can make from 10 small sticks.
  • 1 bone needle.
  • 4 small sticks.
  • And some knife. 

Sometimes I prepare the Small Improvised Backpack before I do loot depending on the situation
After you develop, you will get weapons and loot. The best way to continue to survive is to build yourself a Shelter where you can do spawn if you are dying to put your loot in a box and return and add loot. In addition, the best way to survive is to pay attention to starvation and your medical condition.

Fame Points Tips

What is Fame points?

Fame points is a very important thing in a game with which you can spawn where you want, at the beginning of the game you start with 0 Fame points The Fame points can go up and down if you kill zombies Tree Cutter Kills People Shoots the robots and basically does almost any action related to survival you will get on it Fame points.

As you can raise your Fame points you can also download them for example when you are dead and you have to do a respawn and you do not have 25 Fame points then you have to do random respawn and you will be on minus points and your BCU will be red instead of green.

Once you have lost the Fame points and you are dead you will have to wait a little time between each respawn and time increases as you lost another Fame points.

How can I get a lot of Fame points easily?

In order to get a lot of Fame points easily you must kill a lot of zombies and if you shoot a robot you will get a lot more Fame points with the help of shooting on the bots you get a lot of very important points through very easy!

How to use Fame points?

Each time you die in the game you will have 4 options to respawn in different places:

  • RANDOM – will cost you 25 FP You do spawn instead of random.
  • SECTOR – will cost you 50 FP but gives you the option of choosing which slot to do respawn.
  • AT SHELTER – will cost you 75 FP You do spawn exactly in the shelter.
  • ON SQUADMATE – will cost you 100 FP You can do this only if your squadmate is connected and you do respawn close to the squadmate something like a minute and a half running. 


I’ve picked up tactics for you in a game of fighting and stealth.
I’ll start by saying that most of the time you’ll need to teammate in the game to make a lot of tactics.


If you want to enter the bunker and the robot does not move from it to you to ask a friend to make the robot to continue to it and leave the place and as soon as the robot leaves you must enter
It should be done again as soon as you want to leave.

You want to hunt an animal without seeing you move quietly behind it in a sitting position and once you feel ready you will hit Come and kill it.


A good tactic that made me and my group 2 people surrounded us One guy threw a grenade close to us We looked at where the grenade was thrown and we grabbed cover from where the grenade was thrown and then the other guy started to see us from behind.

I and a friend heard a guy inside the hangar. I turned the hangar. I came in from one entrance and a friend of mine came in from the opposite entrance at the same time and we killed the guy who was inside.

Be vigilant and be aware of when to attack.
For example I went quietly to kill something I moved slowly and when he had to do poop I caught him unprepared and killed him.

SCUM - Gameplay Tips

Another Tips that Could Help You

  • If you are behind a wall or a door you can hit the zombies through the door or wall. 
  • If you have zombies on you and you do not want them to hurt you keep going backwards and they will follow you at your own pace and will not be able to hurt you, try hitting them while you are. 
  • Do not be afraid in the area with lots of zombies because they will chase after you. 
  • If you want the zombies to disappear, leave the game and come back.
  • If you lie on the floor and there are a lot of zombies you will not be able to hurt you.
  • If you are in the first person you can do loot to a slightly more distant place in the third person you can not do. 
  • When you produce a canteen you get 1.5 liters of water inside it. 
  • You can destroy the robot but it will require a lot of bullets. 
  • If you destroy the flying robot that comes to you getting the FP. 
  • Aim to the Head of zombie with speer to kill him in one hit.
  • Do not go to the edge of the map! If you go to the end of the map you will be sent a message saying “return to the island immediately or you will be killed!” After 4 masseges “you have been warned!”
  • If you want to hide your loot and if you are near a lake you will hide your loot in the lake, but if you are not near a lake then hide your loot in the bushes (of course, put the loot in a box).
  • I suggest you do not go through the 20 stamina during running because if someone start to shoot you, so you need stamina to keep running. (Of course while you rested get in to bushes).
  • When you need to get out of the game, I suggest that you leave the game when you are near your Shelter or in the bushes.
  • Look at the garbage too, Sometimes you can also find food in the cans and it can help.
  • Do not be friendly to a person holding a weapon and if you see a person with loot, shoot him.
  • If someone openfire on you run zigzags, It saved me more than once!
  • Before you go on another quest for food/water/ammo put the most in your loot box.
  • Try to put more clothes on you if possible – more clothes worth more slots also underwear and shoes.
  • Hide your shelter in the woods in the bushes.
  • Before you leave the game, I suggest you pick up as much equipment as you can.
  • Dont prepare animal skin pants! You will only get two slots.
  • Make an animal skin jacket ! You will get 6 inventory plots but you will also get up to 10 kilos of storage of objects and that’s really good!
  • If you hear an animal and if you want to hunt it, look for its tracks and recognize it and catch it (come to her quietly in the back).
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