Warhammer 40,000: Darktide – Gone Bowling Achievement Guide

Simple guide to help players unlock the “Gone Bowling” Achievement for the Skullbreaker Ogryn. Probably not the best method but hey it works.

How to Obtain Gone Bowling Achievement


I’ll start by saying this guide is mainly for those solo players out there who do not have a full 4 pre-made group that can work together. This method might take a few tries and obviously with a full pre-made it would be much easier to group up mobs for it. however some people do not have full pre-mades and have to deal with randoms who do not like to cooperate or just wanna obliterate every horde that spawns in.

Level and Difficulty

Level Choice: Magistrati Oubliette TM8-707

So the level I chose personally was “Magistrati Oubliette TM8-707” The assassination level that starts your group out in the sewers. Can probably work on other maps with a similar start but that is up to you. I chose this level because of the drop down into the sewers is a perfect little spot to sit tight and let the mobs flood in guaranteeing you tackle everyone of them that stand in front of you.

Difficulty: Heresy/Damnation + Endless Horde + A little bit of luck

The spooky 4 and 5 difficulty levels. It isn’t as bad as it sounds. In fact I’d take a few attempts doing it this way unless you aren’t tired of randoms plasma gunning,flaming,or that explosion crap that psykers do. to every horde you see in malace, I found this method easier on damnation because not many people queue up for damnation so you should be lucky enough to get an empty lobby and not ruin anyone’s fun.

The Strat

So before loading in make sure you have your trusty slab shield and heretic bonker and what ever ranged you want because you’ll have to kill some specials probably. Curios are optional I guess but I stacked the +hp ones because survivability is nice and you’ll do a little dancing around aggroing mobs in the big room. Most importantly make sure you take the unstoppable feat because there will be some enemy ogryn chilling around and they will get in your face and block you from charging.

Alright to start things off make your way to the hole and drop down, careful enemies love spawning right there.

After dropping start clearing the first half of the big room so you do not get immediately gooned. Specials are gonna start spawning in anytime so you’ll wanna quickly run to the middle of the big room and shoot to aggro mobs and retreat to the tunnel.

Now if you are lucky its a solo lobby so you don’t have to worry about your bots, let them die.Don’t need them. now this is where the luck comes into play. You’ll have to wait for a horde spawn which should spawn as you are aggroing mobs, but you’ll have to hope none of the CC specials like trappers,hounds,or muties spawn. Usually once the horde spawns and you have enough shotgunners or machinegunners the game wont spawn anymore annoying specials. All you have to do in use your shield special while you sit at the back of the tunnel and just wait for everything to come to you. Give it a few minutes to fill up the tunnel and Charge!

Achievement unlocked

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