Songs of Conquest – Loth Tips

Tips to Loth

  • If you want more defense you can go for oathbound and upgrade them asap, then you can build mausoleum (crypt required) to get spectres and scavanged bones.
  • Spectres are the hammer, the core attack for the build since they can ignore zone of control, upgrade asap because Seneschals get huge increase stats and their ability get more buff.
  • Scavanged bones are the shield, high HP with nice defense and infinite retaliations, you can put them at the choke point or near the allies you want to protect.
  • And Legions are good, good stats, good arc AoE, intimidating and relatively cheap. But this build need more resources because you build crypt at the beginning instead of resources buildings.
  • If you want magic, specially arcana, Toxicologists and Cultists is the core units, both are generate arcana essence, upgrade them asap for huge stats increased.
  • Use Toxicologists to reduce enemies stack and oathsingers take care the rest, if range is too short, use Dimensional Door spell to get them closer to the target, repel spell can kick enemies away from your troops
  • Aurelian Scholars are essence generator, but Necromancers need Celestial Ore and so does when you upgrade laboratory level 2 in order to get Banes, you have to choose where to spend.
  • And for the Rats, they are early game units for transition, they are good for attack, but can’t take any hit.

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