Limbus Company – Sin Color Cheatsheet

I haven’t found a way to check which color is which sin outside of the tutorial so here it is.








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  1. You can check what sin corresponds to each color on any ID status screen. Press on the little [] button and it’ll give you a tutorial on skills, coins, sins, etc.
    Why this is hidden so deep in a menu is beyond me.

  2. Does anyone know why the design in the top-right corner appears different for some skills of the same type? For example, the icon for Downward Swing appears as 1 sword, while the icon for Backslash has 3 swords.

    • It might indicate the skill’s potency, Downward Swing is some sinner’s first and weakest skill which is why is has only one sword, meanwhile Backslash is Outis’s second skill. Third pride skills and pride ego have even more swords on their designs

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