Soulstone Survivors – Spellblade Guide (Rip and Tear)

Advanced progress spellblade guide that allows for very quick clears.

Guide to Spellblade


This build uses a minimum of 48 summons combined with abilities which will give you many complimentary upgrades so you will shred bosses seconds after they spawn in. In my experiences, I have been able to get all 6 abilities for the build to pop shortly before or shortly after the 2nd set of bosses spawn in. With just the base 2 abilities you can beat the first bosses very quickly.

How far you go will depend on your ability to dodge around terrain that wants to hold you in damage circles since bosses die extremely quickly when your army of summons which have bonus damage vs enemies that have Burn touch them.

Single run finish screen example – 8:01 run time on Curse VII

Endless 4 run example on Curse VII

Disclaimer: to build this, you will need to have Spellblade already levelled to 70 and have crafted the weapon that unlocks at that level, Scorching Edge. Also, you will need the runic ability Singular Focus which unlocks when you finish Curse VI in the Caves of Dhal Zhog.


This build only uses two skills, Firestorm x 2 and Fiery Blades x 4, both of which are granted by the Spellblade’s 4th weapon, Scorching Edge.

Since both of these abilities share the Fire, Swing, Magical and Physical tags you will be able to get many different Multi-cast, Damage, Area of Effect, etc. upgrades which benefit all 6 of your abilities at the same time, giving you a huge boost in power every time one of those four upgrade tags shows up. Also, since the build uses at least two of each ability, you will also get upgrades covering Lasting and Summon which boost either two or four of your abilities as well.

The ability builds Burn stacks on enemies extremely quickly, these are important because:

Fiery Blades gets an unspecified bonus to damage for every Burn or Melting stack on an enemy. Whatever the value is, it is enough to make low level bosses die immediately, while bosses at endless 4+ can measure their time left in seconds.

As you level up, you will get Area of Effect upgrades which will make your Firestorm ability expand off-screen, most enemies will die before you ever see them.


As this guide requires a fairly advanced character, I am listing the 10 rune slot build I use, though you can just drop some of them if you do not have the full 10 rune slots yet.

In order of importance, the runes are:

  1. Singular Focus (5 points) – defeat Caves of Dhal Zhog at Curse VI – You want to stack both of your abilities, and this makes it possible to have more than one of the same ability. The build doesn’t work without this.
  2. Weapon Expert (1 point) – reach experience level 100 in a single match – You start the game with the special weapon skill for your currently selected weapon, this just allows you to get a quicker start and the special ability is the main skill we are using.
  3. Skill Inclination: Swing (1 point) – reach level 60 as a Spellblade – Gives you increased chances of getting Swing skills, so since both of the abilities have Swing this is the one I chose, though Skill Inclination: Fire would work as well.
  4. Multi-cast Mastery (2 points) – defeat Caves of Dhal Zhog at Curse IV – More damage.
  5. Surefooted (1 point) – reach level 90 in a single match; or
  6. Dash Mastery (1 point) – defeat the Frozen Wastelands at Curse II – this is up to you as to what you find more helpful when you are fighting, either a bit of damage reduction or better dash. Anything else you prefer will also work, you have 1 point to work with so live your truth.

Upgrade Path

If you’ve got enough experience playing Soulstone Survivors to get to the point of using this build you’ve got your own preferences already so just go with what you know.

Don’t overlook stacking Spontaneous Combustion when it pops up though, since it will add even more stacks of Burn to enemies you hit with your abilities.

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