Starfield – How to Pick Which Universe Variant You’ll Get in NG+

This guide will give you the console commands to select the universe you’ll be “reborned” within at the start of the next NG+.

Guide to Pick Which Universe Variant You’ll Get in NG+

How to Choose

When the credits are rolling in (after entering the unity, entering the light, and having the wide shot of the universe), NG+ is loading, after a few seconds in the credits, you should have the option to press TAB (or B if you’re using a controller) to skip the credits and go to NG+.

Do not do that just yet!

Instead, open the console and enter:

set 17E727 to 100

This is the variable that dictate the % you’ll get a “special” universe, obviously setting it at 100 guarantee you’ll enter a “variant”

and then enter one of the following lines (only one!) to pick the universe variant you’d like to explore (Do not enter the description which is [marked]):

  • set 1801B9 to -1 [Default NG+ universe]
  • set 1801B9 to 0 [Everyone is dead in constellation‚Ķ except you, and by that I mean the “you” from this universe]
  • set 1801B9 to 1 [A mix of universe -1 and 0, constellation is alive, but “you” is starting their own mainquest when you barge in. This is usually the desired universe to NG+]
  • set 1801B9 to 2 [Dopplegangers (yes plural) universe]
  • set 1801B9 to 3 [Andreja killed everyone]
  • set 1801B9 to 4 [Walter collected all the artefacts, and will sell them to you for 100k]
  • set 1801B9 to 5 [Hunter has killed everyone]
  • set 1801B9 to 6 [Cora Coe is a starborn]
  • set 1801B9 to 7 [A NG10+ version of your character has already killed constellation and is waiting inside. you have to fight your Variant]
  • set 1801B9 to 8 [The children universe]
  • set 1801B9 to 9 [Constellation has retired]

So, if you want to have “you” as a companion, and constellation is alive, type this when the credits are rolling in the console:

  • set 17E727 to 100
  • set 1801B9 to 1

If you want to rush trough universes, I guess you could use Walter’s universe, here’s the codes:

  • set 17E727 to 100
  • set 1801B9 to 4


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