Starfield – Important Tip: Don’t Ignore Ship Building!

Don’t Ignore Ship Building

I was someone who wanted to fast track the main quests so I could get to New Game +.

I didn’t want to get into any of the side features like the faction quests, ship customization, base building, etc until after I saw what ng+ had to offer.

My first run through the main story I saved up enough money to buy a decent A rank ship that was better than the starting ship and around the same as the mantis ship (because I never realized until later that you could get a free ship through that quest line).

Spent 170k on that first ship and it lasted me throughout the entire main campaign and all I ever did was just upgrade a few parts through the easy to use upgrade system at the new atlantis shipyard where you don’t move anything around, you just choose upgrades from the list.

What I didn’t realize, however, is that you don’t need to sink a lot of points into ship building to be able to make great ships.

From level 1 you can do a custom designed ship and you can build one for WAY cheaper than you can buy a pre built ship.

First ever ship I decided to sit down and design came out to roughly 50k credits and I maxed out as much as I could on shields, engines, reactor, beam weapons, etc for an A class ship.

It was literally better than any other A class ship available for purchase for the same price as the lowest cost pre built ship you can buy.

And that ship SLAPS when it comes to combat compared to the starter ship.

Then I did the mantis quest line to get the free ship just so I could get the shielded cargo bay for free to add to it and now it’s an all rounder ship that does everything.

1000 kilos of storage, 400+ shield capacity, 24+ damage per .5 seconds to both shields and armor, shielded cargo bay for contraband, 21 light years of gravity jump distance (the highest I could get for A class at just the starting building platform at New Atlantis) and the highest reactor for A class which was like 20 or 21 which let me max out my weapons, engines and shields and still have a couple of points for my grav drive so I never have to move points around during combat.

And all it took was about half an hour of figuring out how to build a ship from scratch and 50k credits at the new atlantis shipyard.

Worth it!

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