Street Fighter 6 – Cammy Combo / Move List (Character Guide)

Cammy has only missed a couple of the most significant games in the genre since she was first debuted in Super Street Fighter II. Her spiral arrow and cannon spike are back and just as lethal as ever.

Cammy: Unique Attacks

MoveCommandWhat It Does
Lift UppercutBack + Medium PunchIt’s an uppercut.
Delayed RipperForward + Heavy KickIt’s a long-range kick.
Assault BladeBack + Heavy KickIt’s a high kick.
Lift CombinationBack + Medium Punch, Heavy KickIt’s a two-hit combo.
Swing CombinationHeavy Punch, Heavy KickIt’s a two-hit launcher.

Cammy: Special Moves

MoveCommandWhat It Does
Spiral ArrowQuarter Circle Forward + (Any) KickIt’s a low attack that travels a good distance. The Heavy version can be held down.
Cannon SpikeDragon Punch + (Any) KickIt’s an uppercut. The Heavy version can be held down.
Quick Spin KnuckleQuarter Circle Back + (Any) PunchIt’s a rolling move that moves forward.
Cannon Strike(In the air) Quarter Circle Back + (Any) KickIt’s like a thrusting attack in the air.
Hooligan CombinationQuarter Circle Forward + (Any) PunchCammy jumps into the air as a ball. The Heavy version can be held down.
Razor’s Edge Slicer(After Hooligan Combination) (No input)It’s a sliding attack.
Cannon Strike(After Hooligan Combination) (Any) KickAnother way of performing a Cannon Strike.
Reverse Edge(After Hooligan Combination) Down + (Any) KickIt’s an overhead.
Fatal Leg Twister(After Hooligan Combination) Light Kick + Light PunchIt’s a grab.
Silent Step(After Hooligan Combination) (Any) PunchIt stops Hooligan Combination.

Cammy: Super Arts

MoveCommandWhat It Does
Spin Drive SmasherDoble Quarter Circle Forward + (Any) KickIt’s a series of strong kicks.
Killer Bee SpinDoble Quarter Circle Back + (Any) KickA quick kick that ends in a grab.
Aerial Killer Bee Spin(In the air) Doble Quarter Circle Back + (Any) KickA series of attacks in the air.
Delta Red AssaultDoble Quarter Circle Forward + (Any) PunchIt’s a close-range attack that unleashes a cinematic attack.
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