Street Fighter 6 – Blanka Combo / Move List (Character Guide)

Blanka, a classic World Warrior from Street Fighter II, is back with his electric charge and rolling strikes. He appears to be more lethal than ever thanks to a few new gimmicks and the ability to mix up his rolls at will.

Blanka: Unique Attacks

MoveCommandWhat It Does
Rock CrusherForward + Medium PunchIt’s an overhead.
Double Knee BombsForward + Medium KickIt’s a double-hit attack.
Wild EdgeBack + Medium KickIt’s a strong kick.
Wild NailForward + Heavy PunchIt’s a jumping hit.
Amazon River RunDown Forward + Heavy PunchA strong slide attack.
Coward CrouchDown + Two PunchesBlanka changes to a lower stance.
Wild Lift(After Coward Crouch) Any PunchIt’s an upper attack.
Raid Jump(After Coward Crouch) Any KickIt’s a special jump.
Surprise Forward HopForward + Three KicksIt’s a large jump forward.
Surprise Back HopBack + Three KicksIt’s a large jump back.

Blanka: Special Moves

MoveCommandWhat It Does
Electric ThunderQuarter Circle Back + (Any) PunchIt’s a close-range electric attack. It can be held to extend the duration.
Rolling AttackBack Charge, Forward + (Any) PunchBlanka turns into a ball and attacks in a straight line.
Vertical Rolling AttackDown Charge, Forward + (Any) KickBlanka turns into a ball and attacks upward.
Backstep Rolling AttackHalf Circle Back + (Any) KickBlanka quickly steps back and then jumps like a ball, creating a curve.
Aerial Rolling Attack(In the air) Back Charge, Forward + (Any) PunchBlanka turns into a ball and attacks in a straight line while in the air.
Wild HuntQuarter Circle Forward + (Any) KickIt’s a jump forward with a grab.
Blanka-chan BombDown, Down + (Any) PunchBlanka throws a small doll that can be electrified.
Rolling Cannon(After any rolling move) Any Direction + (Any) PunchAfter activating Lightning Beast (Super Art 2), Blanka can do additional rolling attacks up to three times.

Blanka: Super Arts

MoveCommandWhat It Does
Shout of EarthDoble Quarter Circle Forward + (Any) PunchIt’s an electric strike on the ground.
Lightning BeastDoble Quarter Circle Back + (Any) PunchIt’s a booster that allows extra rolling attacks.
Ground Shave CannonballDoble Quarter Circle Forward + (Any) KickIt’s a long-range rolling hit that unleashes a cinematic attack.

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