Street Fighter 6 – World Tour Mode Tips

Here’s some tips for you, fellow fighters.

Tips and Tricks

  • Dress properly: This game secretly records screenshots for later use.
  • Gears: Always utilize “Gear Effect”/”Gear Appearance” to make sure the best look & buff.
  • Lv3 Super Arts: Unlocked at each Master Lv20.
  • Drive Impact/Rush/Parry: Unlocked on main mission (about 10 hours mark, pretty far).
  • “Hit with X unique moves”: This is mistranslated. “Hit with X projectiles” is correct.
  • Special Moves: You only need 3, lol. Must-haves are Screw Piledriver (gief Lv1), Hundred Hand Slap (honda), and Sonic Boom (guile Lv10-ish).
  • Accessory Slots: 2nd skill tree unlocks slot 2. 5th tree unlocks slot 3.
  • Costume 2: To unlock, max Master’s Bond to 100.
  • Bond: Only 10 favorite gifts are needed to max each Lv20 Master (20 gifts for Lv1).
  • XP Farming: Always do it at night. Nayshall is bit better. But Metro City is not bad at all.
  • Money Farming: Go mini-game if you are at low level. Occasional visits to Abigail’s Scrap Metal will help you a lot.
  • Skill XP Farming: Nayshall is better. Unlock Nayshall first if you are maxing many masters.
  • 30 fps?: “Basic Graphic Settings” is locking World Tour in 30 fps. Disable it if you have a beefy PC.

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