Strinova – Fuchsia Build Guide

Guide to Fuchsia Build (Upgrades)

Flamethrower Fuchsia is the only easy and simple way. You don’t need upgrades, flamethrower Fuchsia is good enough.


  • Faster fire rate: technically higher base dmg is better but i find that shooting faster has helped me win fights that seem unwinnable.
  • Faster reload speed: her kit is meant to fight so reloading quicker in those fights is prio.
  • Spread control and ads control is preference and based on the map i play; if long angles run ads, if lots of small areas then spread control.
  • Headshot dmg because aim for that head.


I run +3 duration because i like running at them but if you prefer the faster cd then go for that instead.
Self res has done me justice but awaken 3 is really good so go for that instead.

Note: Alternatively you can play Xinghui (Celestia)

You can go with damage, and spread control. Also you can go with the awakening that slows (not the one that self revives).

All damage and control but people pick the self rez half the time because it gives them a non existent 2nd chance (In higher ranks they don’t leave your corpse hanging).

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