Lust Goddess – How to Counter Poison

Sure, the end of turn poison damage is so difficult to deal with. So this short guide will help you to do that.

Tips to Counter Poison

kill Ivy fast. Madelaine or Trixie are good for killing her turn 1 when she is hidden behind obstacles. Or Regina on different node for ramping heal + poison immunity. Or supres later when she is hidden behind tanks

Only works partly though.

  • End of Ivy’s turn: Ivy applies poison.
  • Start of Florence’s turn: the poison triggers, which in turn triggers damage to the Commander.
  • End of Florence’s turn: Florence removes the poison.

Ivy is all about poison and Florence is the only card which has antidote (remove poison), so she seems like Ivy’s natural counter.

But since it’s an ‘end of turn’ effect, it only makes sure that Ivy can’t stack poison and that you won’t lose any more Mercs to it after she’s gone from the field.

But you still need her gone.

So yeah…

Killing or suppressing her as soon as possible is the best way to go, with Regina as a back-up plan.

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