SunnySide – How to Unlock and Start Levelling Food Crafting Skill

Firstly to access the skill tree you gotta get sparky from Hiro and then go to the caves again. Then meet Kaida.

Guide to Food Crafting Skill

Simple version

The first item you can unlock related to this is the drying rack you get it from the mechanics shop from Kyle.

You can use that first foodcrafting machine you have and level up that way.

After you level up some, check out the skill tree. You will be able to unlock more foodcrafting machines, like cream separators, cheese press and such each time you unlock one they will become available for sale at either the mechanic, or the Saitek store in Higashi.

In details

  • The first machine, the dehydrator requires taking items you can buy and have crafted.
  • 4 hardwood planks (commission through Obeng woodshop), 3 glass (from Ishikawa blacksmith), mini computer (from Hiro) and 3 air hoses (from Kyle).
  • Use the dehyrdrator to process seeds and plants until you gain a couple of levels, then the oil press, packaging machine and roaster will unlock in the skill tree.
  • Once the skills are unlocked the broken machines will be available for purchase at Saiyatek.
  • Take the broken machine along with the list of parts required back to Kyle’s shop, look for the repairs under the “Services” button.

It takes several more levels to unlock the cheese kettle, canner and fermenting barrel but follows the same process.

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