System Shock – Bridge/Security Tips

Tips to Bridge/Security

Starter Tips

I just finished Security yesterday, and the Bridge today (plus the cyberspace), and the number one thing I’d say is to save often. Using quick saves as well as periodic hard saves. There is a lot of combat and high level enemies, and sometimes you’re just going to get surrounded. There’s also no rebirth machine. When you die you’ll have to reload your last save.

Both areas are smaller than lower levels, and your objectives are a bit more direct. You’ll also find more ammo and full health kits than you did on lower levels.

Carry as many weapons as you can. Automatics are good here, but you’ll also need the heavy weapons like Plasma & Railgun. You’ll also want grenades, especially EMPs, and the miines also come in handy.

And have a laser rapier plus a supply of the drug patches. Those combined will get you out of some tough fights.

Enemies are mostly the robotic kind and cyborgs, so you’ll want mostly armor piercing ability, although cyborgs can be taken down with either.

What to Expect

You can find a railgun, plasma rifle, and a magpulse if I recall. Probably an assault rifle too but I forget. There’s gonna be a fair amount of ammo for every gun, but especially for the minipistol / skorpion.

You’re gonna encounter laser and missiles to the face. Keep eyes up.

Objective just get to the top and leave the level. The level is as optional as you make it.

But it is the point of no return. You enter and the door locks. There’s no recycling machine (but will be next patch) so bring some coins with you since there’s at least 2 mod stations left. 50 coins should be enough.

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