The Cycle: Frontier – How to Maximise Storage (Quick Tips)

Find yourself having a full stash and can’t upgrade? This guide will help you hoard for as long as possible!

Tips to Maximise Storage

Safe Pockets

Your Safe Pockets can hold anything under its weight limit, meaning that if something has a weight of 0, it can go in there for free.

The most obvious item you should be storing in your Safe Pockets, is Old Currency. You can put as much of this stuff as you want in your Safe Pockets, and will never run out of room to store more.

Note: Old currency is used for some upgrades in your Quarters, so don’t be so quick to sell it!

The other, less obvious 0 weight item/s you can store are scrips. It does mean that every time you complete a job or mission, you’re gonna have to put your new scrips into your Safe Pockets, but for 3 extra slots, I think it’s worth it.

Now, the last things you should store in your safe pockets, are key cards. These items are a bit different, because they weigh 0.1… weight… units… each, meaning that you will be able to store slightly less in your safe pockets. For example, Radio Equipment weighs 7 units. With a pocket capacity of 7, and at least one key card, the radio equipment will not fit. It’s unfortunate, but if you’re desperate, it will free up slots in your stash.

Weapon Attachments

Got a bunch of rare weapon attachments in your stash and don’t wanna risk losing them yet? Well, you can store them on a weapon!

Just middle-click a gun in your inventory and it’ll show you all available attachments for that weapon. From there, either click-and-drag or right-click an attachment to attach it to the weapon.

After that, you can safely leave the attachments screen and enjoy the extra space!

You can tell which gun has attachments on it by looking at its weight. The more attachments equipped, the heavier the gun will be! Hovering over a gun will also show the equipped attachments.

Above, you can see that I have 2 shotguns of different weights. The one on the right has an extended mag, and slugs!


  • Put Scrips, Old Currency, and Key Cards into your Safe Pockets.
  • You can add any spare attachments to stashed guns by middle-clicking a gun in your stash.
Written by Neppy5000

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