THE FINALS – Basic Guide (Playtest)

Short guide and description of this game.

Guide to Basics

About the Game

When the game starts, we are brought up to date with the game. Weapon, character, skills, etc.

The main menu itself is simple and not loaded, with a minimum of tabs. Shop, Battle Pass, Character Battle Pass, Character Build, and Game Mode Selection. They immediately give the game currency 1500, which is very pleasing, you can see the BP and skins for the characters. There are no pop-up windows buy, have time to buy and the last offer, otherwise there will be no more. I hope it stays that way when the game is released.

The purpose of the game and what to do in it.

The game is a team shooter.

3x3x3x3 4 teams of 3 people each fight for money, whoever has more wins) Money spawns at the very beginning of the game, only 2 points to take it and 2 points to carry it. Often your team spawns from the money 80-100m from the target like the other team, which results in a balance of 2 teams on one spawn point 2 others on the other. When you die, you see the currency 3 tokens that can be activated 30 seconds after death and you will appear near your team, as you use up your tokens, you can’t resurrect, then either wait until your teammates respawn or just pour.

Having captured the funds known to you or successfully lost the battle for them, you need to go to the point of delivery of funds.

Having brought money to the point, you must wait for the time until they are counted in the final table of points. The point will be beaten off by opponents constantly, so it is necessary and necessary to guard it for victory. It also happens that no one will come to it, but it happens that all the teams rush to you and about another point with money, everyone will forget it with luck. Also, money is given and taken away for the murders and deaths of the entire team, but more on that later. The winner is the one who scored the most money, but the second place is not considered a loser (consolation prize for efforts).

Game Modes

Normal mode – standard game mode. Basically, when playing this mode, everyone runs and does what he wants and looks at the weapon – skills, and in case something doesn’t like it pours)
Rating – everything is done much more interesting here. Before the start of the game, a grid of all teams in your match and parallel ones is shown. 1st-2nd place goes further in each game and group. The weak ones are eliminated, the played teams remain and at the end esports begins, which is quite interesting if you have certainly reached that moment))

Characters and Guides

The game has 3 classes of characters


The main goal is to kill the enemy on the sly or if someone is behind the teammates.


  • Invisibility, fast and mobile movement on the map.
  • There is everything you need to control and slow down to critical damage to enemies.
  • If you are doing well with aim and movement, this character is for you, since he does not need mobility and stealth.


  1. V95 – Pistol with a silencer high damage to the head low to the body (Not recommended).
  2. M11 – Submachine gun good at close range (I recommend).
  3. LH1 – Good tapping rifle, good damage at all ranges (recommended).
  4. Sniper – Sniper rifle with good damage to the head on the body 40-50% of max hp (According to the situation).
  5. Dagger – a strong knife, in the back one-hit kills Light and Medium for a mobile and fast game (recommended).


  1. Melee – If you want to sneak up on enemies and kill them instantly, take a knife and the invisibility ability to them, take a flash drive and shocker equipment for control and quick elimination on the 3rd slot to taste gas or grenade. Note A knife in the BACK kills Light and Medium characters with one hit and with Heavy 2-3 hits, but I do not advise you to touch them as you will quickly die from them. Your Light and Medium Goals
  2. Medium-Range combat – I do not advise using a pistol, since you need to hit everyone in the head through the body with a useless weapon. The SMG is a good weapon that shoots fast and kills quickly, making a quick kill and getting away is the perfect weapon. A sniper rifle one-shots only in the head, and then Light and Medium characters in the body 1 shot – 40-50% of health, good for long distances, but the problem is that here the distance is very quickly reduced. LH1 tapalka good damage convenient shooting at medium-long distances.

Note I advise you to play with PP and LH1 convenient weapon, killed left, any equipment is suitable for them.



  • Turret for target protection. Heal for the treatment of teammates.
  • Character for the support-defense game. Shoot, heal, defend. Very wide application.


  1. R.357 – Revik, bad pistol with medium damage and no mobility (Not recommended).
  2. Pump – Grenade launcher, instant explosion, good damage (Situational).
  3. AKM – Good Kalash damage, shooting, recoil. A good choice for every build (recommended).
  4. Repeater – Great shotgun for quick kills, strong and mobile (recommended).


  1. Playing as a healer – You can only heal allies, so your role is to support your tank, because basically you will only go with him, since your Light will walk and look for targets to kill. AKM or Repeater, which one you like more depends on the equipment. I advise you to take a defibrillator always and in all matches, a zipline for the mobility of you and the tank, and any mine to hold the point
  2. Playing as dd – Your goal is to stand as best as possible on the point along with the tank, since you have chosen the turret skill. AKM or Repeater, which one you like more depends on the equipment. Defibrillator and 2 mines. Your task is to strengthen the point where the cache is located.


Simply speaking, this is a tank with different variations of the game point defense team defense.


A shield to cover teammates at any time, berserk, you run headlong breaking everything and building with polyurethane foam.


  1. Sledgehammer – High damage to players and buildings but not mobile or practical (Not recommended).
  2. M32GL – Grenade launcher explodes with a delay of a couple of seconds, the damage is good, but due to the delay it is difficult to apply it (Not recommended).
  3. M60 – The machine gun is probably the best that this class has, good damage, great recoil like all tanks (recommended).
  4. Flamethrower – Flamethrower is a useless rut ​​with good damage for a very short range since you are a tank, no mobility and no use from it (Not recommended).


  1. Polyurethane foam – Machine gun, RPG necessarily one-shot gun for Light and Medium 2 mines or mine-shelter. Your task is to build up your shelter with foam as much as possible + turral from Medium and its mines will make your place a fortress.
  2. Shield for teammates – Machine gun, RPG necessarily one-shot gun for Light and Medium here it is better to take grenades and everything that deals critical damage, since your task is to go with the team and kill everything that moves.

Game Balance

  • As such, there is no balance, in public everyone will run around with knives and ruin games, occasionally there will be a normal team that wants to win. In the rating, things are better, but 2-3 rounds and you will be moved by a skating rink if you play solo and mediocrity is in your team.
  • Some weapons are very strong, some unplayable in general, as well as the abilities of the characters are not finalized and unplayable. The same as the tactical equipment of the characters, you can fortify the position so that not a single person will fit mines, turrets, skins and traps.
  • There is no balance in the game at the moment, but for this we need a test


  • So far, a lot of bugs and problems.
  • Constant noise due to something, 0 fps when playing in bad weather, weapons are bugged and do not deal damage, tactical skills sometimes get through with a delay of a couple of seconds


  • Graphics for an amateur something like overwatch only on a smoother and faster engine.
  • I personally liked the graphics.


  • The sound is strange and incomprehensible, it happens that you die without a sound, sometimes you hear some kind of sound and no one is there. Eternal crackling in the ears due to a game bug.

How to Win

  1. Play as a team. The best composition of Light Medium Heavy.

Performing each role as intended, it will not be difficult to win.

  1. Choose the best equipment and feel free to use it.

If you are a tank and a defender, then choosing a good point defense equipment will help you win this game without difficulty.

  1. Try to always pick up a killed teammate, this will not waste his personal coins on objections and he will appear next to you and join the battle.

You can raise an ally not necessarily on the spot where his statuette is. You can, just like other items, click on E and take it to a convenient and safe place and resurrect it.

Defibrillator is very good and need a thing in command.

  1. Here you can win absolutely any game, even if you competently squeeze a point from the enemies at the end of the timer, you should not pour and go into tilt after something didn’t work out. There will always be moments during the battle to intercept the point.
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