THE FINALS – Useful Tips and Tricks (Playtest)

Hello fellow contestants, here are some things that could help you win your first tournament!

Tips and Tricks

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Use the Classes as They Were Intended

Properly using the classes will give you and your team a huge lead over the others. On my tournament winning game, I played as the Heavy while my two teammates played as Mediums. I played just as a heavy would, upfront soaking up damage, dishing out damage, and destroying structures to put my team at an advantage. One of my Medium teammates had an all medic build and they focused on supporting the team by healing, reviving, and creating zipline points for fast movement. They played behind me and the other Medium so that they would have a smaller chance of dying.

The other Medium teammate had a full Turret build and they focused on defending the Cash Out sites with their Guardian Turret (the one that goes pew pew) and their APS Turret (the one that shoots down enemy projectiles). Since my team’s playstyle was controlling and defending the Cash Out locations, the two Medium and one Heavy build worked for us, especially because we played our classes to the letter. Keep in mind that there are a ton of different team comp possibilities and playstyles so don’t feel restricted to only playing like this.

Making Decisions Based on the Current Score and Time

As the game progresses, you need to be aware of the score that you and the enemy teams have so that you can make decisions accordingly. Are you winning by a landslide? Is your team doing the worst? How much time is left on the clock? These are some things that you should think about before making your next play. If you are winning by a landslide, you can start playing more passively to prevent a team wipe; if there is a lot of time on the clock, you can defend Vaults or Cash Out boxes to prevent other teams from getting ahead.

If your team is doing bad score-wise, you need to come up with a play depending on how much time is left. If your team is doing bad and time is limited, you need to think about which play will give you the most value; you could full commit to steal a Cash Out box, especially the ones at the end where it gives teams $18,000, you could go for team wipes to lower their scores (this strategy is good if the scores are very close across the teams), and you could also go for an untouched Vault and deliver that to a Cash Out box if time permits.

Utilize Environment Destruction

As someone who primarily plays the Heavy and Light classes, the thing that I love the most about these two, is the ability to manipulate the environment to your need with explosives (yes, even the Light class because they have breaching charges). Since 99% of the maps are destroyable, telling you to just go blow stuff up isn’t much help, so I’ll give you a small list of how I personally use the explosives.

Seoul Map

  • At the elevator that has the Cash Out box within it, I destroy the walls surrounding the elevator shaft to get easier access to the elevator when attacking.
  • I destroy the narrow bridge that connects to the Infirmary building. This makes it so that there is only one way to get to that location and that area sucks to cross because it’s super wide and has minimum cover
  • In the same Infirmary building, I destroy the stairs that lead up to the Cash Out box to prevent other teams from going up with ease.

Monaco Map

  • Within the apartments that have the Cash Out box, I blow up the stairs to minimize access to the Cash Out area.
  • In the apartments, I make holes in the ceiling above the Cash Out boxes to get a better view from up top.
  • If I’m attacking, I put the explosive charges a floor below the Cash Out box to make it drop down.

Stick Together as a Team

This may sound obvious as The Finals is a team game, but it’s a lot more important than you may think. One solid example is if your entire team gets eliminated, you lose a significant portion money that you have earned in your match and this can get your team knocked out of the tournament. To mitigate this, stick close to you teammates so that you have a higher chance of getting revived or so that you can be the one reviving. When I get easy kills, it’s always on those who are separated from their team, so be mindful of where your teammates are, and work together to secure the W.

Use Pings

As most players don’t enable voice chat, pinging is an important form of communication. Pings are binded by default to the middle mouse button (MMB) and you can ping by pressing and holding your MMB, then dragging your mouse to whichever ping you desire. Use the Going Here ping to let your team know which objective or area you want to move towards. This helps your team know your intent and this helps keep your team unified. Use the Danger ping when you spot an enemy team for the first time or if you need to use it while you’re skirmishing for whatever reason. This is especially helpful if you are defending a Cash Out box and you need to let your team know which direction an enemy team is coming from.

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  1. Good tips for map destruction! I can’t wait til we get vector maps for this game so we can build strats for competitive

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