The First Descendant – Gameplay FAQ: Currency, Rewards, Specs

Frequently Asked Questions (Final Technical Test)

How to paint (change the color)?

In Inventory (I) > Customization > Descendant/Weapon Skin > Paint (Color Change), select the item you wish to paint.

The paint UI will appear, allowing you to combine paints to change the color.

Paints can be combined with the necessary materials at Albion > Spectrum Chart Combinator, so please take note of this.

How to use skins and cosmetic items?

You can change Skins, Spawns, Grappling hooks, Ecive skins, and Emotes in Inventory (I) > Customization.

Click on the customization settings UI to see the items owned, and note that equipping desired items will apply them to your character.

Where to check the acquired Descendant?

If you have acquired a Descendant, you can check it in the Inventory (I) > Descendant > Descendant List (G).

Click on the obtained Descendant and press the ‘Use’ button to use it.

How to use the Descendant Acquisition Ticket?

You can use the Descendant Acquisition Ticket by selecting a purchasable Descendant in Inventory (I) > Shop.

Different Descendants are available for each Descendant Acquisition Ticket.

Please note that Descendants available with the Acquisition Ticket will have the token as the currency instead of Caliber.

How to obtain Battle Pass rewards?

Battle Pass rewards can be exchanged for coins in Inventory (I) > Battle Pass > ‘Battle Pass/Battle Supply Shop’.

To exchange an item, hover your mouse over it and hold down the purchase (B) button.

How to use Caliber?

Caliber is a currency that can be used to purchase items in the store.

Use Caliber to purchase various items from the Inventory (I) > Store.

How to create an account name.

The First Descendant automatically sets the nickname of the first platform you access as your account name.

Therefore, you can play the game without having to enter a separate account name.

Please note that the generated account name will not change even if you change your platform nickname.

How to report an Griefer?

Reports of Griefers are only accepted through the in-game reporting feature.

[In-Game Reporting Method]

  1. While in the game, interact near the player you want to report (PC shortcut key ‘T’) to expose the report button.
  2. Click on the account name of the player you want to report in the chat window to see the report button.
  3. Click on the account name in the User List in the Map (M) > Social menu to see the report button.
  4. Click the report button > select the type of report > describe the report details, and then submit it.

Will the game information from the Final Technical Test be retained at launch?

All game data from the Final Technical Test period will be reset, allowing you to start fresh when the game officially launches.

Please refer to the following requirements when leaving a game inquiry.

To address a game inquiry, we need to check your information, so please provide your account name which can be found by clicking the login button on the right side of the Customer Service page > select your platform > log in with your ID (authentication).

Your account name is formatted as SteamProfileName#(4-digit random number), and it can be found at the following locations:

  • Upper right corner of the character lobby when accessing the game
  • Upper right corner of the screen when pressing the esc key in the game

Please note that if you do not provide the login (authentication) and account name when submitting an inquiry, it may be difficult to provide smooth support.

[Required Information]

  • Account Name: SteamProfileName#(4-digit random number)

Minimum and recommended system requirements for the Final Technical Test

When is the official release date of The First Descendant?

We are planning to officially open First Descendant in the summer of 2024.

The exact opening date will be announced through our official website once it is confirmed.

Can I play with a guest account?

Guest accounts can only be used when the host account is logged in. Progress saving and purchases are not possible with a guest account.

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