The Front – Subduing Guide

Subduing Overview

In The Front, except for certain special NPCs and NPCs summoned by beacons, most NPCs can be subdued and turned into followers.

Followers will not only fight alongside you, they can also help defend your base.

Every player can subdue multiple followers, but only one follower can follow you into battle at a time.

Subduing Followers

To subdue a follower, you will first need to fight an NPC. If the NPC can be subdued, then the icon will appear above their head when their HP falls below 50%.

When the icon appears, throw a “Simple Jammer” or “Pulse Jammer” at them to knock them down. Once the NPC is knocked down, their Chaos level will begin to fall. When their Chaos level reaches 0, subduing will fail. You will need to throw multiple “Simple Jammers” or “Pulse Jammers” at them before they will be completely subdued.

Approach an NPC and press [F] to interact with it, then place food in the NPC’s inventory. Different NPCs have different food preferences. You can only increase their Obedience by giving them their favorite food. You can see what their favorite food is from the favorite food button of the NPC’s attributes column.

When their Obedience bar reaches 100%, face them and press [F] and select “Subdue” to make them your follower.

Follower Controls

Press [Z] to control your followers. When they are following you, press and hold [Z] to control their movement, attack behavior, and other behaviors.

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