DREDGE – The Pale Reach DLC All Achievements Guide

Here’s how to get all of the new DLC achievements in Dredge: The Pale Reach. Warning: Heavy Spoilers!! Try finding them yourself and come back when you get stuck!

How to Obtain All Achievements (The Pale Reach DLC)

Feeding Time

The first achievement is called “Feeding Time” and in order to get it, you have to feed the narwhal some fish by request of the photographer. This achievement is a freebie because you get it by progressing the main story so there really isn’t much to explain here.


The second achievement is called “Icebreaker” and in order to get it, you have to locate 3 parts of the Icebreaker ship component and bring them to the Travelling Merchant so she can assemble and install it for you. This achievement is nigh impossible to miss, but for the sake of the guide, here are the marked location of the parts. (They appear as sparking dredge spots)

Fresh Fish

The third achievement is called “Fresh Fish” and in order to get it, you need to have five Ice Blocks in your ship’s cargo. In order to unlock Ice Blocks for purchase, you need to have first constructed the Icebreaker. After that, the Travelling Merchant will ask you to find an Ice Shaper. It can be found it this location.

After dredging it up, give it to the Travelling Merchant and she will offer you two Ice Blocks for free. just purchase three more from the Shipyard and you should unlock the achivement.

Under the Ice

The forth achievement is called “Under the Ice” and in order to get it, you have to complete the entire DLC. This includes finding all the Ice Axes and freeing the Frozen Crew. Again, this one is super hard to miss but since this guide said ALL achievements.

The location of the Ice Axes are marked red and the location of the Frozen Crew are marked purple.

Once all of the crew’s Frozen Hearts have been collected, you can go back to the Frozen Leviathan and collect the Aurous Anchor, which is basically the manifest power-up but you can go back to the location you teleported from. Also like manifest, it has a high panic cost so watch out for that. After that, bring the Frozen Hearts to the area marked yellow to claim the Radiant Trawl Net and the achievement as your reward. This net is a direct upgrade to the brittle trawl net and comes with the highest abberation bonus at 5%.

From the Black Depths

The fifth achievement is called “From the Black Depths and to get it, you need to catch the Colossal Squid. For this, you should use the Radiant Trawl Net due to its high capacity and ice catching capability. Just equip the net and sail around the outskirts of the region until you catch one. They aren’t terribly uncommon so it shouldn’t take to long. Catching one will immediately grant you the achievement.

Frozen Favors

The sixth achievement is called “Frozen Favors” and in order to get it, you have to complete all side pursuits. Now, all of the side pursuits are basically impossible to miss due to them needing to be completed to progress the main story but there is one that isn’t a literal freebie, and that would be the Figure in White. He can be found on the outskirts of the region, marked in red on the map below. When you speak to him, he’ll request three aberrations just like his brothers in other colours. Those abberations are the Fractalline Icefish, Fallen Stars, and Craterous Seer.

For this pursuit, I suggest combining the Radiant Trawl Net, Encrusted Talisman, Tendon Rod, and Sinew Spindle to boost your chances of catching aberrations by 12%.

To catch the Fractalline Icefish, Go to a school of Icefish near the Figure in White and use the atrophy power-up on them, giving you a guaranteed aberration. Don’t worry, he accepts rotting fish.

To catch the Fallen Stars, place a crab pot or two next to the Bleak Pontoon and let time pass until it appears in your trap.

To catch the Craterous Seer, deploy your trawl net and sail in circles near the Figure in White until it shows up in your net.

Once you give all the fish to him, You will get the achievement and the Book of Astral Symbols as a reward. Once read, this book permanently increases your chances of catching an aberration by 4%.

Polar Angler

The seventh Achievement is called “Polar Angler” and in order to get it, you need to catch all fish species in The Pale Reach. The List of Fish in The Pale Reach are as follows…

  1. Icefish:

The most common fish in the region, found everywhere.

  1. Char:

This region’s variant of cod. Can be found North of the Eastern Terminus, in the area where you find the Radiant Trawl Net.

  1. Wolffish:

Can only be encountered at night. Can be found near Central Camp past 6-7PM.

  1. Stargazer:

Most common trawl fish. Can only be caught using the Trawl Net.

  1. Lizardfish:

Can be caught with a Rod on the outskirts or inside the region such as the Eastern Terminus, but is much easier to catch in the Trawl Net.

  1. Toothfish:

Can be found in the main area near Central Camp.

  1. Goblin Shark:

Can be found in the Western Bearing behind the claw, or near the entrance in the main area that leads to it.

  1. Colossal Squid:

Can only be caught using the Trawl Net.

  1. Sea Stars

Can only be caught using the Crab Pot.

  1. King Crab

Can only be caught using the Crab pot.

  1. Sleeper Shark

An exotic fish that can be found on the channel that leads out of the Southern Locus.

Cold Corruptions

Last but not least, the eighth achievement is called “Cold Corruptions” and in order to get it, you simply need to catch all aberrations in The Pale Reach. Mentioned in the “Frozen Favors” chapter, combining the Radiant Trawl Net, Encrusted Talisman, Tendon Rod, and Sinew Spindle with the completed Book of Astral Symbols can maximize your aberration catch rate by 16%. On top of that, you can use the Atrophy power-up to get a guaranteed aberration, albeit in a stale/rotting state.

Written by dwagyner


  1. Does the Figure in White die if you don’t give him the fish in a certain amount of time? I know that used to happen, idk if it still does or not and I’m having a rough time getting the sea stars after starting the quest.

    • I think they patched the timers out of those quests. I know I left him on the 3rd scroll for like 2 hours and he was still there without issues. I left the base game ones alone for a dozen hours and they didn’t die either. I can’t imagine they would have implemented a timer back on to this figure

  2. Thanks for the advice about the Sharks. I didn’t stop and think that there would be an Exotic fish at all. I fished out the Goblin Sharks when I first went through and now I can’t even find their spots again to try for the Aberrant.

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