Tiny Glade – Basic Construction/Decoration Function Guide

A guide compiling some basic functions that you can do in the game, that people pretty frequently ask for how to do.

Guide to Basic Construction Function

By Captain Willow

Change the outline size of a building

By holding down left-click and dragging your mouse, you can change the horizontal size and proportions of a building before placing it down.

If you hold right mouse button and left click while doing this, it will snap reset the size to its minimum.

Doors on the ground

While there is no dedicated door tool, you can achieve doors on ground level by drawing a path up to a building wall. If streched further it turns into double doors and then arches.

Standalone walls only create arches.

Creating bridges

Bridges can be created by lowering a building’s roof to the minimum, creating a platform. Then you can squish the building to minimum wall height and hoist it from the ground to the desired height.

Doors for bridges and platforms

You can give bridges and platforms doors, by putting a window at floor height for the bridge/platform.

You can link them up same as windows to get a thicker door or double doors.

Adjusting a roof

You can make a roof rounder or thinner by just hovering over it, then click and dragging it left and right. Up and down can adjust the roof height.

More roof interactions

You can stretch out roofs from having a spiked middle point to having sidings on both sides. The rotate button spins the roof without rotating the whole building.

Terrain adjustments

Using the same method as for roofs, you can adjust how steep a cliff/hill is by click dragging it left and right. Up and down again for height.

Colouring tool options

While it’s obvious you can colour walls with it, what some (me) may have missed initially is that you can colour roofs, windows and doors with it too.

The last option in the buildings menu removes horizontal lines that separates stories.

The colour of roof windows changes with the roof and can’t be modified separately.

Window reshuffling

Sometimes a window will spawn in with laundry or a plant pot that you don’t want. You can quickly reshuffle what accessory it has, if any, by just clicking on it.

This also reshuffles what props it has around it (if there’s space to do so).

Works for single, double and triple windows.

Roof windows can’t get laundry or shutters. Double plant pot windows can’t get shutters.

Object and wall snapping

Sometimes when placing objects or free hand drawing walls they might snap onto something in a way that’s not wanted. You can stop snapping of both walls and objects by holding down the ctrl key.

Leading sheep

If you pet a sheep, it will follow your cursor for a little bit, letting you lead it into an enclosure or just pose it for a picture.

Straight walls

Free hand drawing straight walls is hard. To reliably get a straight free hand wall, you can spawn in a building and erase all but the wall you need to get a guaranteed straight line.

Basic raised stairs

You can add stairs to platforms by drawing a path next to it.

An indication if stairs can be added to a platform is the vertical lines on the sides, they’ll disappear of the platform is too high.

Flowers and path

Flowers can be overwritten by paths without actually removing the flowers underneath, allowing for easier adjustment.

Wall cutting

Right clicking on a wall lets you cut off a part it that you can independently change the height for and make arches for.

Note: works for closed loop walls too.

Wall sides

Depending on if a wall is drawn left to right or right to left, windows and doors will be facing different directions, no matter which side of the wall you put it on from.

Stairs in cliffs

I’ve seen some people struggle with getting stairs on cliffs. The reasons is because they’re using the smallest path brush. It’s not wide enough to generate the stairs. Stairs generate when using the medium or large brush, or if you just make the path wider with the small brush.

Tower turrets

You can get turrets for towers by hoisting a round building up and inserting in your base tower, but wheter or not it becomes a turret is dependant on the width of the turret.

Height doesn’t impact anything here.

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