Treasure of Nadia – Best Loot Place for Talisman and Plant

Hello friends, welcome to the guide about the loot for plants and Talisman. I am find a good place to collect Talisman and plants after finish story. As you know, you need a lot of gold to buy keys and house upgrades after the end of the game for you that you can get too many gold in a few minutes without cheats.

Best Location for Loot

Pay attention

Before starting, you must advance the story so that these three items are open for you on the map and you don’t have any problems to travel and do things.

Place of sale of the plant

Here you should have progressed the story enough to be able to sell the herbs you found to pricia

  • Go to the parlor to go to pricia.
  • You can sell the plants you collect here.

Box frame in the market (Squallmart)

You must have progressed the story of the game so far that you have been given a cash register in the back room of the market, where the elixir sales money is automatically stored in the cash register.

Be careful.

Collect as much ginseng and plant as you can and place it here to get more money.

Deep jungle

Friends, this part of the map should be opened for you and you should not have any problems to travel.

Well, let’s do it

After you are sure that the above three options are active for you and you have no problem to do it.

After entering the park through two teleport, you can reach the deep jungle.

Enter this place from the map.

Aloe plant

Well, friends, as soon as you enter this area, you can harvest a plant called aloe.

You can only keep one of these plants in your inventory.

If the plant is not clear to you, you probably have it in inventory.

Jasmine plant

Well, the most important part is finding the plant here.

I have marked in red where the plants are regrowing.

Let’s go and make a lot of money

Now come to this part of the map.

After entering this area, collect everything you see on the ground, including the talisman and the aloe plant.

Now come to the lower part of the map, in the middle right of the deep forest.

Collect jasmin plants here and Talismans.

After collecting the plants and the talisman, go up and down the two maps I mentioned.

Every time you enter and exit these two areas, talisman and jasmine plants will be shown to you again.

Pay attention to the important point

Please note that you must collect the jasmine plant to reappear.

If the number of talismans increases, collect them so that new talismans appear for you.

The most beautiful part of gold

Repeat the above tasks and collect the charm, jasmine bush and an aloe plant.


We return to pricia to sell plants.

Pay attention, I collected for about ten or fifteen minutes, the more you collect, the more money you get.

Market (squallmart)

Go to the market, some money has been collected for you and is waiting for you inside the box.

Here, as above, the more time passes and the more plants you collect for this section, the more money you will receive.


The last part of the game and the most enjoyable part.

Now it’s time to open your inventory and contact Diana with your mobile phone and sell all the talismans you collected to Diana.

Pay attention, I collected for about ten or fifteen minutes, the more you collect, the more money you get.

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