Uncharted Waters Origin – Estate Cooperation Guide (Contracts, Resources etc.)

The estate is where you are able to report your discoveries.

Guide to Interact with Estate

By entering a contract with specific estates, you can make exclusive reports of discoveries made while sailing to earn adventure fame and other rewards.

Also, rank is determined based on discovery points, with secondary rewards being awarded based on the rank.

Only the top 100 fleets that have made at least 1 report will be displayed in the ranks.

All ranks and discovery points reset every week on Monday at midnight.


You are only able to sign a contract with a single house at a time.

Upon signing the contract, the menu to report discoveries, resources and cartography menu will appear for the specific house.

If you sign a contract with another house, all of the points earned from the original house resets.

Discovery Reports

Report discoveries to earn discovery points and rewards.

If the discovery is of special priority, additional rewards will be given.

Resource Reports

Report resources to earn discovery points and rewards.


Report all of the locations that were traveled while sailing the seas to earn rewards.

All cartography records are maintained even when signing a new contract with another house.

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