Uncharted Waters Origin – Naval Disasters Guide

Naval Disasters are negative effects that can occur while sailing out in the seas.

Guide to Naval Disasters

Various naval disasters may occur during your voyage.

Naval Disasters

Different negative effects may affect your fleet based on the type of the disaster, including ship’s durability loss, decrease in sailing speed, along with other damages such as loss of resources and crew members, as well as decrease in loyalty.

For a peaceful voyage, you must promptly take care of all disasters.

Even more devastating disasters may occur if certain disasters are neglected for a prolonged period of time.

Refer to the following table for the list of disasters

Disaster Relief

When a disaster occurs, it can be resolved by using tools, skills or paid currencies.

Disasters can also be resolved by the natural expiration rate, current weather and by exceeding the set duration.

It is difficult to predict which naval disasters may occur while sailing, but you can prepare for the various disasters by purchasing items from ports.

  • Tools (E.g.: Rat Poison): Using the appropriate item to immediately resolve a naval disaster.
  • Miracle: Spend paid currency to immediately resolve a naval disaster (10 Free Miracle benefits are available until the Fleet reaches Lv.25).
  • Neglect: Current disaster in effect will not be resolved, but it may disappear based on the natural expiration rate, current weather or by exceeding the set duration.

If you do not have the appropriate item prepared, or do not have enough to purchase a miracle, you can select ‘Neglect’ to wait until the disaster disappears based on the natural expiration rate, current weather or by exceeding the set duration.

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