Unturned – Full Snowburgh ID List

Here you can find IDs for Snowburgh Map

List of All Snowburgh Item ID’s

Item ID’s

Item IDName
60000Snowburgh Military Top
60001Tankman Top
60002Snowburgh Military Bottom
60003Tankman Bottom
60004Tankman Helmet
60005Snowburgh Military Glasses
60006Snowburgh Military Helmet
60007Snowburgh Military Vest
60009Snowcannon Ammo
60010Snowcannon Silencer
60011Mechanic Components
60012Electric Components
60013Heat Components
60014Purple Neon
60015Burned Components
60016Painting “001”
60017Pisos Top
60018Slim Glass
60019Double Glass
60020Wooden Doorway
60021Wooden Floor
60022Wooden Triangular Floor
60023Wooden Garage
60024Wooden Roof Hole
60025Wooden Roof Hole Triangle
60026Wooden Pillar
60027Wooden Post
60028Wooden Ramp
60029Wooden Rampart
60030Wooden Roof
60031Wooden Triangular Roof
60032Wooden Stairs
60033Wooden Doorway Ramp
60034Wooden Wall Ramp
60035Wooden Wall
60036Wooden Window
60037Brick Doorway
60038Brick Floor
60039Brick Floor Triangular
60040Brick Garage
60041Brick Pillar
60042Brick Post
60043Brick Rampart
60044Brick Wall
60045Brick Ramp Wall
60046Brick Ramp Doorway
60047Brick Window
60048Concrete Doorway
60049Concrete Floor
60050Concrete Floor Triangular
60051Concrete Garage
60052Concrete Roof Hole
60053Concrete Roof Hole Triangular
60054Concrete Pillar
60055Concrete Post
60056Concrete Ramp(Stairs)
60057Concrete Rampart
60058Concrete Roof
60059Concrete Triangular Roof
60060Concrete Stairs(Staircase)
60061Concrete Wall
60062Concrete Wall Ramp
60063Concrete Doorway Ramp
60064Concrete Window
60065Scrap Doorway
60066Scrap Floor
60067Scrap Floor Triangle
60068Scrap Garage
60069Scrap Roof Hole
60070Scrap Triangular Roof Hole
60071Scrap Pillar
60072Scrap Post
60073Scrap Rampart
60074Scrap Roof
60075Scrap Triangular Roof
60076Scrap Stairs
60077Scrap Doorway Ramp
60078Scrap Ramp Wall
60079Scrap Wall
60080Scrap Window
60081Metal Doorway
60082Metal Floor
60083Metal Triangular Floor
60084Metal Garage
60085Metal Roof Hole
60086Metal Triangular Roof Hole
60087Metal Pillar
60088Metal Post
60089Metal Rampart
60090Metal Roof
60091Metal Triangular Roof
60092Metal Wall
60093Metal Doorway Ramp
60094Metal Wall Ramp
60095Metal Window
60096Scrap Ramp
60097Wooden Door
60098Wooden Gate
60099Wooden Hatch
60100Wooden Ladder
60101Reinforced Wooden Door
60102Reinforced Wooden Gate
60103Reinforced Wooden Hatch
60104Scrap Door
60105Scrap Gate
60106Scrap Hatch
60107Scrap Ladder
60108Metal Door
60109Metal Gate
60110Metal Hatch
60150AS Val
60151AS Val Magazine
60153NATO Magazine (Military Magazine Override)
60154M24 SWS
60155M24 Magazine (Timberwolf Magazine Override)
60156M249 SAW LMG
60157M249 Box (Dragonfang Box Override)
60158PKM LMG
60159PKM Box (Nykorev Box Override)
60160Snayperskaya Vintovka Dragunova
60161SVD Magazine (Snayperskya Magazine Override)
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