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Unturned - Achievement Soulcrystal (Walkthrough)

Written by Hellstaff   /   Jun 11, 2019    
Unturned - Achievement Soulcrystal (Walkthrough)

The guide tells all the details of getting a rare achievement.

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What is Soulcrystal

The Soulcrystal puzzle is a mystical phenomenon that involves performing a ritual inside the St. Petersburg metro.

How to Find Soulcrystal

Between Kerewin and Saint Petersburg is the kind of hill where you can find a monument similar to Stonehenge. Inside one of these stone houses you will find the symbol of the soul crystal on the wall, and on the ground next to it you will find a note. This note will tell you a story about the origin of the symbol and give you some clues about the location of Soulcrystal. Crystal souls hidden under Petersburg, in subway. In order to get to Soulcrystal, you have to go at night (Required). In the subway you can get either through the hatch in the city center, or through a broken passage. In the metro will need to find their own railway tracks. On the way you need to get to the ruins and cars. There you will find another symbol of the soul crystal.


Next to the sign use the chat "Area" and enter: Anastasia, the wall will go up and you will find the altar of Soulcrystal. If you are in this place during the day, you can use the /night command. In the daytime to open the wall will not work. Now give yourself a good weapon with the following command: @give [nickname]/id/number. After that, you need to give yourself a beacon for evil zombies (@give [nickname]/1194/1) and put on the crystal. Now wait for angry zombies in this cave.

When you see a zombie, try to kill them near the crystal, and thus to sacrifice them. After a number of victims you will find yourself in the laboratory. Inside this forgotten lab you will find 2 notes. A note at the beginning of the lab will explain the story of the mutated zombies. Another note placed next to the glowing soul Crystal will explain to you the possible cause of this zombie Apocalypse. It all started with experiments on the ancient Crystal. Going to the crystal, you will hear a strange sound, and you will teleport back to the crystal placed inside the subway of St. Petersburg, and thus open the soulcrystal achievement.

Written by Hellstaff.

Game:   Unturned