V Rising – How to Protect from the Sun

Guide to Protect from the Sun


Only direct sunlight is a problem. Shade, shadows, and even overhead clouds protect you.

In your base make a Mist Brazier it covers a good amount of space requires bones to operate.

1 bone = 1 minute of protection. Just make sure you turn it off.. bones will be needed to make bone dust later on.

Also it is so easy to just “dash” about the map and stay safe from the sun… trees, rocks…

Clouds all provide shade… you can farm the entire daytime without the sun touching you once if you’re careful.

You get Wolf form from the Alpha Wolf boss, always be in wolf form going from shadow to shadow during the day.

Capes later in the game increase sun, silver and garlic protection.


There is a setting in the config file:

“SunDamageModifier”: 1.0,

You could set this to 0 or 0.1 in a private/solo server to get the results you’re after.

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