Vampire Survivors – How to Pay the Least for Full Upgrade

The different upgrades scale differently in price. Use the most efficient way to safe a lot coins.

Guide to Pay the Least for Full Upgrade

In what order to buy the upgrades

As you have probably seen, the upgrades differ in price and also scale differently depending on their original price.

Looking into each and every single one isn’t necessary and takes too much time.

Instead the simplest math is to look at how much the last Level of each upgrade scales for every other purchase made.

The higher the original price, the higher the scaling. They are as follows:

  • Revival: 1000 Gold
  • Amount: 500 Gold
  • Growth: 450 Gold
  • Armor, Cooldown and Luck: 180 Gold
  • Max Health, Area, Speed, Duration, MoveSpeed and Magnet: 160 Gold
  • Might, Greed, Recovery: 100 Gold

And this is the order you should by them if you want to pay the lowest premium.

You could even save additional 330 if you take (in their respective price class) Cooldown before Luck and Armor and Max Health after Area, Speed and so on.

Of course you maybe want to buy cheaper upgrades first to enhance your gameplay, but since for now you can still refund an unlimited time with no drawbacks whatsoever thats not a problem.

Heres two screenshots, the first is how much i have left after doing it with this method and the second one how much is left after doing the exact opposite.

In case youre wondering, the saving is between 103.340 and 103.670, depending on what i mentioned above.

Written by Nopo


  1. The prices here are wrong but I get the idea, the only problem is that it doesn’t take into account that some upgrades have more levels than others, if you take this into account, Growth becomes the first one you should buy

  2. Since you’re driving up the price by buying growth first, I’d recommend -not- doing that.
    For a simple test, try buying Growth first and -then- getting Revival and Amount, you’ll see that they’ve become significantly more expensive because you bought 5 Growth first.

  3. Afaik, REFUND won’t return same amount of invested gold in many situations, so it is a bad idea to reset skills… Overall, nice guide!

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