Vampire Survivors – Krochi Character Guide

An overview of Krochi with some observations and tips to help play him.

Krochi Character Overview

The Stats

For being as buff and thicc as krochi is, he’s fast! He starts with a +30% Move Speed, putting him on par with the faster characters behind Red Death, making him great for positioning or quick retreats should he start getting overwhelmed. If he does get overwhelmed, his other starting bonus comes into play. Krochi starts with a bonus Revival, which bring him back to life with 50% max HP. Then gets a second Revival when he hits level 33. This lets Krochi have some breathing room leveling, as sometimes the RNG gods are messing with you on a run with weapons being annoying to come by.

The Weapon

Despite Krochi being a big ass devil, his weapon of choice is the Cross. It’s basically a boomerang that fires at the closest enemy a little in front of Krochi then heads the opposite direction. Cross has eight levels and it gains decently as it’s leveled. When maxed, Cross is doing +30 to base damage, +20% extra Area, +50% to Projectile Speed, and some friends with a +2 to Amount. One of the best things about Cross is that it’s a Area Of Effect weapon and is controllable some. With some creative moving around, Krochi can keep a few enemies close enough for Cross to fire off at, then boomerang back around into the horde of enemies chasing after him.

Getting Clover, Cross becomes the Heaven Sword. It’s quite the beast in the damage department as its’ Base Damage more then doubles and it can crit as well. It gains a lot of knockback to boot, +5. That said, what it loses from becoming the Heaven Sword really hurts it. Losing 2 Amount, getting 1.3 seconds added to Cooldown, as well a Pool Limit reduction, turning it into a meh evolved weapon. It’s still decent. No one can say it isn’t doing damage. But the hits to Cooldown and Amount really hamper Heaven Sword greatly, making it a evolved weapon that really needs some other weapons to help it out or even consider not evolving it at all.

Why and Why Not (Pros and Cons)

Why Krochi?

Despite Krochi being a speed devil, no pun intended, he’s a little more laid back due to having extra Revives at his disposal. This take a little off you as you can make a few more mistakes or take chances other characters shouldn’t due them not having the luxury of up to two extra Revives. I haven’t talked too much on Arcanas on runs yet. But Krochi does benefit fantastically from two.

Awake and Waltz Of Pearls. Given Revivals are Krochi’s thing, more are always welcomed. And he can get the highest amount of them at eight. Two from his leveling, one from the Power-ups, three from Awake, and two from Tiragisu. Having that many Revives leads to a couple really fun builds for Krochi.

The Rave build. Get both guns and evolve them. Then get his Cooldown as low as you can get it then enjoy the light show while enemies get mulched.

And the Nietzsche build. This one take a little bit more to pull off as it uses the Revives to pump Krochi’s stats and armor by getting killed and skipping weapons till Tiragisu can be gotten via leveling or if it shows up as a stage item. Using up the Revives can be tricky as Krochi just keeps getting tougher and stronger. But when all are used up, Krochi’s a physical powerhouse rocking around 275-280 max Health and 11 Armor, with Power-Ups maxed, +65% to Might and +60% to Area/Duration/Projectile Speed, also with maxed Power-ups. And that’s before getting the corresponding passive items as well. Put on the Conan The Barbarian OST and let Krochi The Destroyer loose on whatever poor stage you’re running. Waltz Of Pearls pretty much triples the effectiveness of Cross with the three bounces it gives. And with Cross being a Area Of Effect weapon, the trip on the way out after each Cross bounces off the heads of enemies is a nice cherry on top of the damage cake you just made for them.

Why not Krochi?

Krochi adds more to keep a eye on with his added Revives, as you can only see how many you got by pausing the game or waiting for a level to be gained. It’s a minor thing. But losing count can end a run if things aren’t going your way. This is frustrating especially if your Achievement hunting or trying to unlock a new character/stage/weapon. And the Heaven Sword, although powerful damage wise, leaves a lot to be desired as a evolved weapon. Due to the loss of Amount and Cooldown, it becomes a worse version of Hellfire and it’s large amount of extra damage only helps out if you have a solid build backing it up. Which is never good for a evolved weapon as it should add to the build, not detract from it.

How to get

Defeat a total of 100,000 enemies unlocks krochi. He can then be purchased for 500 gold before scaling.

Tips and Builds

Take your time with Krochi. He’s fast enough that he can evade enemies easily early on while he’s just got cross and his revives lets him recover from run ending accidents. They aren’t the end all be all of survival problems. But they do take the edge off any such accidents. Just remember you normally only have up to two or three revives normally unless you build for more. And I’m not terribly impressed with the heaven sword. But it is great for crit builds. Getting duplicator helps it get back some of the effectiveness it lost being evolved as well as more reliable weapons to take up heaven swords’ slack

Back I Say! Build

  • Weapons: Axe, Cherry Bomb, Garlic, King Bible, Ice Lancet.
  • Passives: Attractorb, Bracer, Candelabrador, Clover, Pummarola, Spellbinder.

Back I say! build is a decent combination of Knockback and damage with Ice Lancet providing immobilization while Garlic/Soul Eater make the Heaven Sword and Unholy Vespers Knockback machines while pumping out crits with Death Spiral picking up some of Heaven Swords’ slack and Cherry Bomb adding in even more AOE. Krochi’s own high Movement Speed letting him cruze along to pick up floor items or get to coffins as he’ll be far more mobile backed by Death Spiral

Bounce build

  • Weapons: Bone, Cherry Bomb, Fire Wand, Magic Wand, Rune Chaser.
  • Passives: Armor, Attractorb, Bracer, Crown, Endless Tome, Spinach.
  • Arcanas: Waltz of Pearls, two other Arcanas of your choice.

Bounce builds are more fun then anything. But are effective as waltz makes cross, fire and magic wands way more effective with bone, cherry bomb, and rune chaser/no future adding into the chaos. Cross isn’t evolved cause with waltz, it’s more effective with more crosses, bone and rune chaser/no future providing more then enough damage to cover for heanven sword not being there. And if you do want to evolve cross, swap clover in for crown. Make sure any area gains are small at best. As with the amount of weapons bouncing around, viability becomes a issue as the weapons get bigger and bigger.

In Conclusion

For a guy rocking movement speed, krochi is more of a laid back character then anything, due to his extra revives. And despite the mixed signals people can get from his stats and weapon, should they go for speed or might, he fits a large variety of builds. If anything, krochi is more close to being a jack of all trades backed up with very good survive-ability. His only real drawback is evolving cross. But run a decent damage crit build with krochi and the large amount of damage heaven sword brings really shines. So take krochi out for a run. Especially if you want to give bounce builds with him a try.

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