Vampire Survivors – Visual Item Evolution Guide

Item Evolution Guide

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Item Evolution

Item Names

  • Whip + Hollow Heart = Bloody Tear
  • Cross + Clover = Heaven Sword
  • Axe + Candelabrador = Death Spiral
  • Knife + Bracer = Thousand Edge
  • Fire Wand + Spinach = Hellfire
  • Magic Wand + Empty Tome = Holy Wand
  • Garlic + Pummarola = Soul Eater
  • Peachone + Ebony Wings = Vandalier
  • King Bible + Spellbinder = Unholy Vespers
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  1. All this time, i thought weapons had to be leveled up to max to get some new form (like Magic Wand turning into Holy Wand after reaching max level and beating a boss XP). Thank you for this guide, really cleared things up!

  2. you could add a little text / box at the weapons saying ether max lvl or lvl 8, and then at the others say 1- max. that might help some people figure out how some of these items evole. But really nice kinda want to hav it paste on the screen while playing 😀

  3. ahhh so that’s why my king’s bible wont evolve, it has to be 10 min+! thanks for the guide

  4. Yeah, it would be more convenient to have two rows instead of one. All info would be on screen at once.

  5. was randomly checking stuff to see what the santa water now evolved with and feel dumb now cause attractorb was one of the first options i coulda picked when i was guessing the pair, oh well, now i can finally try it out.

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