Viking Rise: Valhalla – How to Get Resources

Each type of resource serves a different purpose. Getting resources early in the game is the key to getting a head start over the other players.

Resource Types

The types of resources available are mainly Food, Lumber, Stone, and Gold. You need them to perform actions, such as constructing buildings, training Troops, healing Troops, and more.

How to Get

There are six main ways to get resources: Running errands, Gathering from Village Resource Points, Gathering from the map, defeating Niflungs on the map, completing Staging Post Bounties, and completing event tasks.

Running Errands

There are many errands available, both within and outside your Fief. Send your Workers on errands to obtain a large amount of resources in the early game.

Gathering From Village Resource Points

Villages within your Fief will occasionally spawn Resource Points after you occupy them. Send Workers to Gather from these Resource Points and obtain the corresponding resources.

Gathering From the Map

Resource Points are also scattered on the map. Heroes can lead Troops to gather from these Resource Points. But beware of enemies who might try to sneak up on you. If you lose the battle, you will lose all the resources you’ve Gathered.

Defeating Niflungs

The Niflung Troops wandering on the map may be defeated soldiers, deserters, or even the vanguard of certain Troops. Defeat them to gain a lavish amount of resources.

Completing Staging Post Bounties

Defeat the monsters near the Staging Post, and repair the buildings there to unlock the Staging Post feature. Accept and clear various Bounties from fellow Vikings at the Staging Post every day to get amazing rewards, such as Speedups, Prestige, resources, and items for upgrading Heroes.

Completing Event Tasks

Reach Chief’s Hall Lv 4 and complete Chapter 10 of the Chapter Missions to unlock the Event feature. Complete various events to gain a large amount of resources.

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