Viking Rise: Valhalla – Rune Beast XP Farm Guide

How to Farm XP

So if you’re not doing this with as many members of your tribe 2x a day you are leaving hundreds of thousands of completely energy free XP on the map to waste away. The only investments are time and some light hospital bills.

Every shrine/tower/contestsble building will have NPC monsters spawn in twice daily. They are only around for a limited amount of time. You can click on them to see exactly when they will Depawn

Place down alliance markers on these for your tribe with the ideal times for your members to work together on clearing them. Each person that participates in the fight and survives until the end will be rewarded the same exp. No matter how long or how much damage.

This is ideal for you to carry your weaker tribe friends since if they are too weak to survive the fight they can join in when you have lowered the monsters hp to 1/3 or 1/4 and get the same rewards.

Gameplay Tips:

  • Have one person be your shot caller.
  • They will control the pace and call targets. Usually helps to have them link the area around 10 or 5 minutes before you want to start to allow marches to form up. They will also decide when to start. Don’t waste your members time with waiting for 20min Marches when you have 10 people ready but do try to allow as many people who can time to get there
  • The caller should be strong enough to tank the damage from these monsters since they will engage them first. If need be trade off with a partner or call for a heal.
  • Treat the map as a clock face and try to always start in the same place. Usually 12(North) works fine.
  • Work your way around the area moving clockwise. Always move the same direction. Usually I like to emojo when I am going in( 3 2 1) and most people catch on quick. Try to stick to the same pace and methods of calling. If people are out of position then call halt and link the target in chat. Try and let everyone be within reach.

This may seem arbitrary but get everyone in the same farming method and habits will prevent people attacking beasts on their own and disrupting optimum EXP gain or at worst wiping your teams just trust me pick a method. Teach your r4 r3 and don’t let people disrupt. If they are on their own trying to engage explain the idea is to get as many people as possible XP and following the plan is important. If they won’t follow then let them die. don’t disrupt your pattern to try and save them – the march back is usually enough time for them to learn this is a group effort. No extra rewards go to the most solo kills it just lowers the XP potential of your tribe

Lvl 1 shrines are good practice but this truly starts paying off when you do lvl 2 and above.

  • Lvl1 2500 XP Per
  • Lvl2 10000 XP Per
  • Tower 15000 Per
  • Etc

Getting 10 or more members 80k+ exp for ten minutes of work will allow your lower members to catch up and keep your higher might friends levels above rivals.

Truly this shines the most when you can collect both spawns on multiple shrines at a quick pace. For F2P it is an unmissable amount.

It is entirely within reason to get your tribe full clear X2 values for multiple divine realms.

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