Viking Rise: Valhalla – How to Use Energy Properly (Rally Strategy)

Useful Tips on How to Use Energy

Energy is a rare resource; there are limited means of getting it. Don’t let energy go to waste!

  • General gain 1/Min + a bit
  • 300 free per Day (make sure you claim and use this)
  • 20 * 100 from Prosperity shop 1/week
  • 50 from monster and tribe chest drops randomly, but the more chests, the more likely (see rally notes).

It can’t be bought for gems.


Staging post bounties (these are a must) to get staging post points to use in the shop (or unlock the shop if you haven’t yet), Smithy Monsters for forging Materials.

  • Attacking on the map 50/attack
  • Rallies 150 each

Rally Notes:

Rallies are an efficient use of time and energy if you are sure of winning with minimal losses.

There is little difference in reward between lvl 1, 2 and 3 bosses (all that’s available at time of writing). Not enough to justify additional losses IMO, but you need to experiment to find your happy spot with this.

You need 1 person at least to join a rally. Or you are wasting time, but you do get an energy refund. Each rally generates a tribe gift for every member and thus increases gift level and opens the crystal box.

The ideal for the tribe is for only 1 person to join a rally, but only if that means you are going to use the energy to run your own rally and everyone is sure of winning (Leidorf rallies are an exception). Rallies should only ever be 5 minutes.

Random Monsters:

Rewards for these are lower but still worthwhile.

If you have spare energy, use it to clear randomly spawning Niflings near your city; this seems to make it more likely for resource spots to spawn.

If you use the search function, it will summon a Nifling, and so you won’t be clearing space.

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