WARNO – Early Access FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions to Early Access Game

What Is in This Early Access?

All right, here is the WARNO Early Access launch lowdown. What can you find in the very first version of our game?

  • We bring you the old-time favorite Skirmish mode. This mode is playable from 2 (1v1) to 8 players (4v4).
  • Skirmish mode can also be played Solo (single player) versus the AI and online – of course.
  • We feature 4 different Skirmish maps with illustrious names such as Chemical, Death Row, Two Ways and Danger Hills.
  • The launch version will contain 2 Divisions from which you can create your own battlegroup: the U.S. 3rd Armored Division and the Soviet 79-ya Gv. Tank. Div. See what these Divisions got to offer further below!
  • A wide range of units, from infantry to tanks, self-propelled artillery, recon, helicopters, aircraft, etc.
  • The Armory is fully functional (but only with the units available to the featured battlegroups).

What Can You Expect Next?

Of course, the launch is just the start of all the fun. What can you expect during WARNO’s time in Early Access? We can’t be pinned down with an exact date or number of features, but rest assured, the following are all incoming!

  • More maps.
  • More divisions.
  • More nations.
  • More units (including units for the two available battlegroups, which are missing some).
  • More planes and helicopter loadouts.
  • Crew-served and towed weapon systems (infantry ATGM, field guns, mortars, etc.).

Might Be Delivered, But Unsure

We know you will ask, so we wanted to be upfront. The following features we aim to deliver during the Early Access period, but when, how, or in what form depends on overall progress and development. We cannot make any promises!

This includes:

  • Some Army General campaign(s).
  • Some Scripted Scenario(s).
  • Some tutorials.
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