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PVP Tips

When looking at my replays. I can see a trend. I tend to win games, when I have a better vision than my enemy. I tend to loose games when the enemy has better vision than I.

This makes intuitive sense. If you see what your enemy is doing you can:

  • Call in reinforcement of the right type at the right place.
  • Use a bomber to kill key targets.
  • Prepare yourself for an enemy attack.
  • You can guesstimate points spend by your enemy and infer where he might be weak.

If you can’t see your enemy, you are essentially playing the lottery. The odds are heavily stacked against you.


Take care of your RECCE. Put them in good positions. Put their weapons on return fire (seems to be bugged atm. So you can turn them off) and micro them out of the way of enemies.

Is it really worth to have your Bradley’s position revealed, because he killed one enemy transport?

Does your RECCE really need to sideshot a cheap enemy tank when there is an ambush of yours one treeline behind?

Try to deny enemy vision by killing their RECCE

RECCE is always a good target to hit.

What has more impact on the outcome of the game? Killing a RECCE helicopter or a AT helicopter with your AA jet?

Try to remember what you saw

Vision changes constantly.

Why not drop a marker on key targets or heavily concentrated enemy positions?

What do you do if your RECCE dies?

Get reinforcements and send in your ground troops to cover that gap.

A good player can exploit you when they kill your RECCE. They can push and surprise you. By sending troops there. You get information necessary to properly react.

After the game: watch the replay and think where could be a better/safer position for your RECCE or how you could have microed it better.

At the moment this is one of my limiting factors to be better at the game. And if you could share tips that would be great.


Vision is super important. Learn how to get and keep it.

Bonus: When using the LOS tool ingame via the icon on the bottom right, during a match, you can activate an overlay which shows you how far your unit can spot an enemy depending on their stealth.

You can use the return fire command so your recce defend themselves but won’t attack to give away their position.

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