WARNO – Strenght of Units / Engagement Range Guide

Beginners Guide to Strenght of Units

Sometime one wishes to have a simple X beats Y, Y beats Z and Z beats X kind of system in WARNO. This is not the case.

Force Mix

Historically, different arms (branches) within armies were put in their own major military formations. You had tank brigades, infantry brigades, engineer brigades, etc… Over time this has changed and smaller formations like companies were mixed into formations of a different arm. The trend today is to make so called combat teams (approx. company sized) which consits of many different arms.

Looking at replays (mine included) I see players using the traditional and more modern systems:

  • Some players see AA as its own seperate thing, which should cover the entire front.
  • Some players see logistics as their own seperate thing, which will just be sent wherever it is needed.
  • Many players understand that Infantry needs to be supported by tanks and vice-versa.

In general it seems that most people use an appropriate force mix on their defensive lines, but it tends to crumble once manoeuvre (tactical movement) gets involved.

The times which a push of mine was utterly destroyed, because I did not have any AA coverage and the ENY brought a helicopter is too damn high.

When setting up for a push make sure you have:

  • Something that kills Infantry
  • Something that kills Tanks
  • AA cover against helicopters

If you want to make it a monster push, add:

  • Logistics
  • Indirect fire support (mainly smokes)

Strength of Units

Units are good in terrain which allows them to engage their weapon system within their LOS.

Tanks will destroy Infantry in open field, well before they can even engage their weapon.

Infantry will destroy any Tank if they are able to engage them at close range.

When thinking about your force mix consider the terrain you are going to send them in and adapt the Infantry vs Tank ratio accordingly.

In Urban terrain:

Infantry is king.

You will need no or only a few tanks to serve as a base of fire. Ideally from the flanks seeing down a major street or as overwatch cutting of enemy reinforcements.

While RECCE is super important, always. In Urban terrain it serves as trip-wire forces at the flanks and getting eyes on reinforcement routes to allow your tanks to engage it.

In forest or heavily chambered terrain:

Infantry is king. Tanks provide fire support.

You want to push with a lot of infantry supported by tanks which drive behind them. You want your Infantry to spot and engage enemies and destroy them with your tanks.

RECCE is important to spot upcoming enemies in order to position your forces correctly.

Open terrain

RECCE is king.

TBH tanks are kings. BUT if you can’t spot an enemy to shoot at, their engagement range advantage does not matter. So good vision is imperative.

You will need fewer Infantry and more tanks.

Your tanks should be used in open terrain to shoot at enemies your RECCE finds. Your Infantry should be used to prevent ENY Infantry ambushes out of forests and towns along the flank.

My force mix is not appropriate for the terrain. What should I do?

Need to take a town with a tank heavy force?

Don’t. Drive around the town and cut of reinforcment routes. Spawn more Intantry and take the town with them. You will eventually win, because the enemy can’t get reinforcements. Put your RECCE in a spot where it will see if the ENY tries to counter-push your tanks from behind, so you can use range in your advantage, once they leave the town.

Need to push through a forest with a tank heavy force?

Is there an alternative in open terrain? If not. Use Infantry in the front, with tanks close behind, so they can serve as fire support. Micro you Infantry. The moment you loose your last Infantry, your tanks are dead.

Need to push through an open field with an Infantry heavy force?

Use (a lot) of smokes on the enemy front line. (Your RECCE should see this, right?) Then push over the field. Don’t forget to re-smoke. Have your tanks a little behind to provide fire support if the enemy tries to break through the smoke. When you push through the smoke, try to push with all your force, including the few tanks you have, at once.


Use your unit’s engagement range to your advantage. Always cover your pushes with AA. RECCE is always important, but especially in open terrain.

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