Wartales – Animal Skills List

List of Animal Skills


  • Monstrous Swipe: Basic Attack, When Engaged and only Engaged it gives Relentless Status giving this unit attack of opportunity
  • Natural Sprinter: Cost Valor Point, Self-Inspiration buff boast unit movement, Bear gain this ability automatically while lvl-up
  • Intimidating Growl: Taunt skill of Bear, Cost Valor Point, It’s Specialisation skill at lvl 3


  • Savage Impalement: Basic Attack, Guarantee Critical Hit if the target is engaged
  • Unstoppable Charge: Disengages and Charge straight line skill, Boar gain this ability automatically, Cost Valor Point
  • Rush: Specialisation Skill at lvl 12, Gives target a debuff Destabilization Guard reduced to 0, Never tested this skill due to game exp curved.

Polar Wolf

  • Freezing Bite: Basic attack, adds debuff of Slowdown reduce target movement to half
  • Evasion: Deflection skill, Cost Valor points, Polar Wolf gain this ability automatically while lvl-up
  • Licking Wounds: Cost Valor points, Self Heal and removes debuffs, Specialisation skill at lvl 5

Mole Rat

  • Nibbling: Basic attack, Target engaged with an Ally, the damage is increased by 50%, Pair it with their passive skill of Strength in Number it will increase their damage
  • Call of Swarm: Specialization skill at lvl 5, in my experience is not working

War Pony

  • Rush: Basic Attack, Nothing special
  • Rearing: Specialization Skill, Buff AOE skill of 4m that gives Inspiration (Boast your Allies movement)
  • Devastating Charges: Like Unstoppable Charges but ignore Guard, Cost Valor points, Specialisation Ability at 8
  • Redoubt: Self buff skill that gives unit Protection and In Position buff basically making this unit tanky also most Horse Armor have reflect 15% damage to their attacker, Cost Valor points, Specialisation skill at 12

I didn’t mention passives skills of the animals it will be a long list. Most of it can be found on online so far online guides doesn’t mention their active skill and basic attack. There is some video in youtube which mention all active and passive ability of animals. I only mention animals in my current party.

Personally best Passive skill for Animals is the mole rat or rat Snooper ability. Each encounter meaning visiting to place or talking to wandering merchant your rats can find cheese. W/ 5 mole rats in my party having this ability it makes food management so trivial. My rats have found 50-200 cheese. Cheese provide 2 food also there is a food recipe were you need cheese as food ingredient.

Best combat animal still the bear.

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