Wartales – Arthes Storyline Guide for the Legion

Warning! This guide contain spoilers. Guide to the factions of the County of Arthes storyline, and how to side with the Legion.

Guide to Arthes Storyline

The Factions

A short PSA. I tried looking for info about this quest or a walkthrough, since the devs didn’t bother investing in any proper lore or even a proper storyline, but couldn’t find any details. I’ve seen many posts asking about this but never got a detailed answer.

My main issue with the County of Arthes storyline is that after the one in Teltris, where some genius writer thought you’d enjoy choosing between eating feces and excrement (I’m not judging, you do you), I wanted to figure out what is going on in Arthes before accidentally siding with someone.

In short: there are two a-hole nobles, one of whom is all about birthright-shmirthright, the other one about some skydaddy, and they are tearing the land apart. So, is it a repeat of the previous storyline? Not quite, there is a third faction, tadaa, the Legion, who is a bit less a-holeish, but of course, it’s the one you discover last, maybe even after helping one noble or the other. The following section gives the steps required to side with the Legion.

Their camp is to the NW of the map, just follow the road north from Cortia as it arches to the west and you’ll get there. Basically what you have to do is do a quest for the Legion, then take quests from the nobles, yet kill everyone involved to screw them over. You may want to stop reading here if you don’t want any spoilers btw.

The Quest Steps (Spoliers)

  1. I went to the Legion camp and hunted deserters for them.
  2. I went to Lord Vernalis’ castle and helped prevent the poisoning of their well. Didn’t tip the balance. Also, some old posts mention this step as a prerequisite for unlocking his vendor and getting the Porridge recipe from her, but I bought it from a vendor in Arthes even before I knew it may have been a problem.
  3. I went to Lord Leahart’s castle and took the caravan destruction mission, done it, but as a last step had to kill his guy Hostes so he didn’t get money back to his master. It wasn’t the last quest I did, but I suppose from what happened in the next one, sparing him would have implied siding with his master.
  4. Did the Abbott quest from the Saint Eleor Abbey, working for Vernalis. Except at the end I had to kill the Abbott himself, otherwise I got summoned by his master and that was not the goal (uber writing again, congrats devs).
  5. Now that you’ve more or less balanced your a-hattery, you are summoned by the Legion.

End result, in the storyline window:

PS: don’t worry about the bridge.

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