Wartales – How to Earn Money

Guide to Earn Money

Okay – early on – pick up stuff anywhere and everywhere – there are a number of ways to earn money:

  1. Go to the prison – buy 3 chains and 5 rope – when fighting outlaws capture them and turn them in for money at the prison.
  2. Go to the lumbermill just west of stromkapp – open the chest at the top of the screen – get the key to the trapdoor – enter the trap door – find the ‘book of knowledge in the chest – grab it – next – interact with the slaves – just talk to them – exit the downstairs – encounter the slaver outside – talk with them – reach an agreement to sell them refugees – do his task immediately – return with a captured refugee – sell them to the slaver – get money AND wood.
  3. Complete ‘easy’ bounties in the tavern – when doing the abandoned mine north of stromkapp side with the refugees not the guard
  4. Find the abandoned tower east of stromkapp – take Claes (blacksmith) to the Haven – give him to the refugees – you’ll get rewards and other ways to earn money – note you’ll have to defeat at least one encounter of guys hunting for Claes.
  5. As you build up your stuff (to include buying trade goods in stromlapp) make a piton with your tinkerer – as you travel go up the mountain where the companion camp is – pass it towards the top of the mountain going parallel with the road to arthes – set a piton just past the border gate to arthes atop the mountain – go down the piton – take the road to Cortia in arthes – sell your trade goods – then buy more – go back to stromkapp – rinse and repeat to continue to earn money – all the while capturing refugees and selling them in the lumbermill while also capturing outlaws and turning them in as prisoners.
  6. Just by finding stuff along the roadside or in the mountains you make things with your tinkerer to gain profession experience and then, as needed, sell them for money.
  7. When you’ve got enough experience as a tinkerer make a Lectern to start gaining knowledge daily.

That’s a good way to start the game – that pattern works on easy, normal, and hard – your first four professions should be 1. tinkerer, 2. thief, 3. blacksmith, and 4. scholar – do not get a cook straightaway – nor an alchemist or miner or angler. if food remains an issue then with your next mercenary make them an angler – followed by miner – you can eat raw meat with no real issues – a guy might get sick – so what – heal them. buy your heal potions and buy repairs if needed but your assigned tinkerer will make you 2 repairs daily.


It’s really not a bad thing at all to make a miner right off, grab the mines quick then change their profession, having prisoners mine till a dedicated miner is recruited. It’s not like they are locked in to a profession.

A few tips for helping with people getting sick or whatever from eating raw food, have a few fruit on hand, or some a brandy or something. Sometimes they can drink it away, or eat some fruit and it will pass. This is cheaper than using healing potions.

Written by Acronen

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