Wartales – Cheap Skill Books and Recipes Using Stealing

This trick uses the fact that guards don’t ask you to pay for the items you stole if you have already used them. So in this example we steal 900 krowns worth of books, use them instantly, and only pay a 60 krowns fee to guards in order to clear our 500 points of suspicion. The result is that we can roam free as if we only paid 60 krowns for the books.

This works on anything that you can use instantly after stealing such as skill books, recipes, oils, etc. The skill upgrade books in particular provide a massive boost to your company and constitute a case where this trick really shines.

Step by Step Example

Here we go through an example in which we steal skill books from the Brotherhood Training Grounds in Tiltren. But this method can be applied anywhere.

  • Head to the Brotherhood Training Grounds (for this example we use the one in Tiltren).
  • Steal as many books as you can before being limited by your suspicion level.
  • Use those books or recipes as soon as possible. It’s important to use every stolen item.
  • Now you still have a very high suspicion level. Run into guards. Since you don’t have the stolen items anymore, you only have to pay a measly fine in order to clear your suspicion level.
  • Congratulations, you can now roam free while having paid less than 10% of the price of the items you stole. In this example, 900 krowns worth of books were stolen, and the fine was 60 krowns.
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  1. This trick can also work for food, so long as you have a recipe for the item you stole. Steal some salt and grain and make bread, etc.

  2. It also occurred to me that if I steal food or a component and eat it or use it, I only have to pay a small amount of money to the guards. However, it never occurred to me to steal a skillbook like that. I started a new team and went to the Brotherhood Training Grounds for the first time. I reached 600 after four books. Now all four of my starting characters have two utilities 🙂

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