Wartales – Tips to Get More Prisoners

How to Get More Prisoners

  • They have to be less than 50% of HP and engaged (use a dedicated guy with a ♥♥♥ weapon to engage), surround them and use ether. And still l am getting 60-75% chance. Target HP affect the chance.
  • Increase combat difficulty and you’ll have no problems with prisoners.
  • You can craft item that give plus 15 chance to cap.
  • The Non-Lethal perk in the Crime and Chaos path also gives +20% capture chance.

Important note

Actually gets harder the further into the game I get. Early game I take 2 prisoners per fight by late game once through armour the vast majority die in a hit or I am unwilling to have a setup turn as if I do not kill them they may kill me.

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