X4: Foundations – Early Game Tips

Here few useful tips for early game.

How to Start


Basically find a sector with ore/silicon and refineries then tell the miner to either mine one or the other. Use the money to get more miners, train the pilots, find and sat refineries in surrounding sectors, then use advanced automine orders once your pilots can use them.

Be careful, there might be Khaak outposts in the sectors where your miners are working. In that case you’ll have to invest in a destroyer to take them out.

Loot, loot, then more loot

Pick up drops in war zones (or use small, fast, unarmed – you want them to instantly flee! when threatened – scouts to do it for you and have them periodically dump it at your HQ).

It’s not just a good (if somewhat more dangerous) way to earn money, it’s also a great way of accumulating the bits to make loads of EMP bombs – those can save you umpteen millions when it comes to acquiring blueprints for expanding production chains and adding workers at your stations.

We have a very apt saying in my neck of the woods: A penny saved is a penny earned…


Grinding rep by doing missions will generate enough coin for me to get the dock built, then the small storage, then the solar energy panel. I do the HAT mission for a free freighter, which I assign to the station, to sell my energy cells. We already have the blueprints to get that much done.

After the dock is built, you’ll get a mission to “rescue” Boso Ta during his quest line. At the start of that part, you’ll get a free Cerberus. Outstanding ship for starting.

From there, it’s up to you. I try to grind Teladi rep to 15, so I can take the missions to reclaim abandoned ships that want us to drive them back to a Teladi station. Keeping the ships by abandoning the mission once it’s out of the minefield will cost 3-5 rep points, but still leave us with more than 10 rep with them.

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